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Wreck Excavating is a very good legal way of making money and is often compared to Oil running in terms of profit and risk.

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To begin your career as a wreck excavator you will need

  • Wet Suit: $200 - Obtained at the Diving shop
  • Re-breather: $200 - Obtained at the Diving shop
  • Diving Goggles: $60 - Obtained at the Diving Shop
  • Wreck Excavator: $300 - Obtained at the Market
  • A Boat or Vehicle: This is dependent on location. The farther away from shore your diving spot is, the more likely a boat would be preferred over a vehicle
  • SDAR: This is optional and not required. The SDAR is the only underwater gun on asylum and will allow you to defend yourself from under the water. However, you should be aware that the SDAR is an illegal weapon. It can be purchased at the Gun Store for 4000$ (200$ per mag).T


There are many locations scattered throughout Altis. They can be found by hitting "M" to open your map and looking for the icons shown below. The most popular locations are ones near the shoreline as they do not require you to have a boat. Excavators choosing those locations often will park a vehicle on the beach increasing their overall payout. Popular spots include Kavala and Sofia.

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How To Excavate

Take your boat/vehicle to the desired location and swim down deep enough to the wreck. Open your phone by pressing "Y", click "Inventory" and then click on the wreck excavator followed by clicking "Use". Unlike other professions such as mining, Excavating does not have a scroll wheel option. After you have hit "Use" on the wreck excavator you are able to close your phone with the escape key. Be aware however, if you begin to move it will break the excavation process. Additionally you will be unable to open your phone again until the excavating process has ended or you have moved.

Item's Found

  • Lock pick
  • Zip tie'
  • Silver Piece
  • Gold Doubloon
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Flawless Diamond
  • Processed Oil
  • Processed Cocaine
  • Treasure

Item Profit

Profit per run and hourly profit heavily rely on your diving methods and choice of location, so instead I'm going to give you what each item can be sold for and where to sell it at.

  • Lock pick Can not be sold on the market however can be purchased for $11 at Rebel outposts/SkipTracers
  • Zip tie Can not be sold on the market, Zipties can also be purchased from bountyhunter shops and rebel outposts
  • Silver Piece Sold at the Jewelry Store $105 ea.
  • Gold Doubloon Sold at the Jewelry Store $122 ea.
  • Pearl Sold at the Jewelry Store $280 ea.
  • Ruby Sold at the Jewelry Store $315 ea.
  • Flawless Diamond Sold at the Jewelry Store $1400 ea.
  • Processed Oil Sold at the Oil Trader $500 ea.
  • Processed Cocaine Sold at the Drug Dealer $500 ea.
  • Treasure Sold at the Jewelry Store $17,500 ea.

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • The talent Excavator is highly recommended and allows you to excavate faster. However, it requires Something Fishy to be learned first.
  • Many Excavators will drop both lockpicks and zip ties as they can not be sold. Beware however that if you drop any item while in the water it will kill you. In addition, dropping these items near your vehicle/boat makes it very easy for would-be robbers to steal your vehicle/boat and all of its contents. Always try to drop lockpicks and zip ties out of sight to avoid being robbed.
  • Many Excavators are normally very friendly as it is a legal activity, however, popular diving spots near coastlines are targeted by rebels frequently.
  • While excavating is a legal activity, you do get illegal items from it such as cocaine. Always be careful when handling or selling these items.
  • Vehicles/boats will despawn after 10 inutes of not being interacted with. Keep this in mind if you plan to go "AFK" as this will leave you stranded as most diving locations are very remote.
  • If a robbery is inevitable and you have no chance of escape, consider driving your land vehicle into the water. Doing so will prohibit the vehicle from being sold at the chop shop.
  • Never ever Excavate with a Bounty due to the nature of Excavating you will be stationary for long periods of time and will be tracked down by bounty hunters/police landing you in jail. This will leave your vehicle with its precious contents being either stolen or de-spawning


There is a seasonal and restart quests for excavating which can increase profit and speed of which you excavate. The requirements for these quests are found on the Quests page of the Wiki.

Urban legends and myths

  • It is an old excavators tale that randomly once per restart one wreck location will give a chance of obtaining gold bars. This has never been officially denied nor confirmed by Developers
  • It is often believed that the wrecks are those of cartels and kingpins as often recreational drugs and vast wealth can be found there.

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