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Seeing an opportunity to get bigger and harder wood, the Altis Lumber corporation has setup two lumber mills to process wood into planks (which have higher resale value). Once you have processed your wood into planks you can sell them to a Commodities Trader. Altis Lumber hopes that everyone will take this new opportunity to get wood on Asylum. Remember their motto: The harder the wood, the higher the value!


  • Axe: $50 - obtained at the Market
  • Backpack: $250 - obtained at the Clothing Store
  • Vehicle: Various prices, purchased at either a Truck Shop or a DMV

Optional but recommended items:

  • NVG's: $100 - obtained at the General Store
  • Firearm: Various prices, purchased at a Gun Store, Skiptracer Facility, Gang Turf or, Rebel Outpost.


Lumber Mill Location Marker
  1. Travel 1 km out of a major city.
  2. Find a tree.
  3. Scroll wheel on a tree with an Axe in your inventory.
  4. After a short animation the tree will fall over leaving behind a stack of logs. Rarer trees will drop rarer wood which can be sold for more money.
  5. Once you have filled up on timber you can immediately sell at a Market or a Commodities trader.

Lumber Mill

After gathering the wood, to maximize your profit you are going to want to take the lumber to the Lumber Mill. There is one near DP3 (West of Athira) and another one near DP 14 (North of Pyrgos).

  1. Mill your timber into planks.
  2. Planks then can only be sold at a Commodities Trader for cash.
Lumber Mill

Types of Trees & Profit

Below is a table that gives information on the three types of trees/plank available on asylum. In addition to sell prices

Type Weight Sell Price
Pine Log 4 $52 ea.
Pine Plank 3 $112 ea.
Olive Log 4 $78 ea.
Olive Plank 3 $ 168 ea
Hardwood Log 4 $130 ea.
Hardwood Plank 3 $280 ea.

Identifying Different Trees


Pinewood_1 Pinewood_2


Olivewood 1


Hardwood 1

Note: All trees are chop-able and will give different qualities of wood, not all trees are displayed in this guide