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Wiki Patch Notes:

This page is for public knowledge when the Wiki was last updated with certain things and if they are added in. As of April 2022.

  • 4/25/22- Oysters are now Working and have been updated, Quest system as of April 22 Patch notes have been updated
  • 5/5/22- Crafting Guide is up to date with new recipes and is complete, Jewelry Emporium is now updated to include new location and mechanics
  • 5/12/22- Reformatted main page table structure to allow for better organizing of new and reordered guides.
  • 7/30/22 Homes updated to include shop houses/Mental Updates
  • 9/16/22 Crafting Guide taken offline for updating, LSD Guide Updated, Gang Fort page created and up to date with recent changes.
  • 10/7/22 Gang Fort Guide updates to include adjusted time and HUD toggle, Duel Arena page created, Alcohol guide updated for change in tax location and Purification, Updated BH guide to include clear NPC locations, Staff Page updated to include Curren Senior Admins. Crafting Guide is now back and up to date. All Staff rosters are now up to date
  • 10/21/22 Crafting Guides updated to include Panagia/Arms Cartel exclusive crafting items
  • 11/8/22 Crafting Guides updated to include nicer looking charts on Vehicle and Firearm factories
  • 12/11/22 Turf Guide updated to include accurate Zaros rewards
  • 2/18/23 Cartel Guide updated to include new Cartel Event, PCP guide created and updated for new Henbane field, Wiki Staff Roster updated, Domination page now includes all three mods used for the server, Infamy page created, more indepth to come, Mental Guide updated for new design
  • 3/17/23 Passive Mode added, gang fort edited to include boat
  • 4/23/23 Staff Roster updated to include current Senior Admins, Admins, Moderators, and Support/Devs/Contributors
  • 5/1/23 Housing Updated to include new requirements
  • 5/21/23 Crafting Guides updated to include changes since infamy buffs to crafting, Jewelry Updated to include callouts and better pictures. Governor guide brought up to date and reinstated
  • 7/11/23 APD Page updated to include Cadet Study Guide