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Asylum has 2 methods of making money from weed products. There is the traditional weed field, and there is home growing. Both produce different products, but are great ways to make money from.

The guide below will be split, going over both methods of weed money making.


Weed Field

  • Marijuana Processing Contract - $800 (Can be purchased at Weed Processing/Marijuana Dispensary)
  • Truck License - $3500 (Only required to purchase a vehicle such as a box truck or larger)

Home Growing

  • Home Owner License - Required to purchase a house.
  • House - Any house (beside a garage) is required to grow weed indoors.
  • Greenhouse Upgrade - You must have the greenhouse home upgrade to grow indoors.


  • Weed Processor - Maximum return when processing marijuana.
  • Unrestricted License - Ability to buy luxury class vehicles.
    • Commercial License - Ability to buy large cargo trucks.


Weed Field

Below are the steps for a Weed run for newer players.

  1. Begin by pulling an Offroad from the Kavala Truck Shop, and driving 3.1 km to the Weed Field.
  2. Hide your car behind one of the houses from the view of the main road.
  3. Gather the cannabis using your scroll wheel (Gather Cannabis) The process of filling up a backpack and off-road (81 cannabis, Prices Vary based on Community goals) should take approximately 11 minutes to gather alone.
  4. Next drive 3.7 km to the Weed Processor south of Kavala.
  5. Scroll wheel on the NPC and process your cannabis. This should take approximately 5 minutes to do alone and yield 58 Weed.
  6. Take your Weed to the closest drug dealer and sell it to them and be sure to store your cash in an ATM.

Home Growing

  1. Buy any house that is not a garage.
  2. Buy the property upgrade storage "Greenhouse" in order to be able to mature your seeds.
  3. Purchase Sativa or Indica Seeds from any drug dealer.
  4. Every restart, 35 of each Sativa and Indica, will grow into each stage. Seed -> Sprout -> Adult Plant.
  5. Once you have reached Adult Plant maturity, you must either process this stage at the weed processor in Kavala or any non-turf drug dealer.
  6. If you are at Purification Factory you have the option to double process the bud into golden wax, which returns a higher profit.
  7. Sell your processed weed to any drug dealer.

Additional Info

  • Drugs can be sold at turf dealers now, but you will be taxed if you are not the owner.

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