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Uranium mining and enriching is a new highly profitable way of making money on Asylum that comes with new specialised radiation zones.


To begin your career as a Uranium smuggler there are a few items you must obtain.

  • Radiation Suit: To be safe in the radiation zones, you will need to wear the Contact DLC CBRN suits or a diving suit.
  • Gas Mask: While not required, you can wear a diving mask or any of the Contact DLC masks to heavily reduce screen effects.
  • Pickaxe: To mine the uranium at the mines, you will need a pickaxe with you.

* Truck: In order to store the uranium safely, you will NEED a HEMTT Box or Box Truck.

  • Backpack: You may wish to purchase a backpack to maximize the efficiency of Uranium you can collect and enrich.
  • Uranium can only be stored in the lead lined HEMTT Box or Box Truck to prevent radiation from leaking around Altis.


The following talents can also be added to help you out whilst mining Uranium.

  • Major Miner - Improved chance of getting something valuable while mining.
    • Brawny - Increased speed at which you mine.


The Uranium Mine is located North East of Pyrgos in a wooded area.

The Nuclear Power Plant is located in the swamps of Altis.

Follow the green glow.


Below outlines the steps to start doing Uranium on Altis.

  1. Equip yourself a Radiation Suit, purchasable from the clothing store or diving shop.
  2. Grab a pickaxe, purchasable from the market.
  3. Purchase or pull out your HEMTT BOX from the garage.
  4. Drive your truck to the Uranium Mine North East of Pyrgos.
  5. When you arrive at the mine, head over to the bunkers and scroll wheel select Mine Uranium.
  6. When your inventory is full, walk to your truck and press T and double click on the Uranium Ore to select all and press store.
  7. When your truck is full, hop in and take the drive to the Nuclear Power Plant.
  8. Drive your truck into the swamps of Altis and head to the reactor building.
  9. Walk inside to the glowing device and use the scroll wheel and select Enrich Uranium.
  10. Take your Uranium (Weapon Grade) to the closest Wongs and sell it, and be sure to store your cash in an ATM.

Additional Info

  • Not wearing a Radiation Suit while entering a radiation zone will give you severe radiation poisoning.

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