Trial By Combat Policy

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Requesting a Trial By Combat

In order for a TBC to take place the following criteria must be met:

  1. A SGT or higher online approves and oversees the TBC process.
  2. The civilian requesting the TBC has bounty of $100k or more.
  3. The civilian requesting the TBC was non-aggressive and non-evasive when entering police custody.
  4. The civilian requesting the TBC was not known to be aggressive towards cops in the past 60 mins.
  5. If the SGT+ is present at the Trial, they may agree with the civilian's consent on different terms and conditions of the Trial.
  6. However, the SGT who approves a TBC may authorize other officers to conduct the TBC without the SGT+ being present. In that situation, the officers are required to adhere to the procedure below.

Conducting a Trial By Combat

  1. All TBC's must be conducted inside an HQ.
  2. The officer that the civilian fights must not be a member of their gang, friends or associates.
  3. No more than 2 civilians (including the civilian requesting the TBC) may be present at the Trial.
  4. At least 3 officers should be present at the Trial (including the officer fighting.)
  5. Both the officer and civilian fighting may not wear any clothing or armor.
  6. Both are armed with only a P07 and one magazine. (The civilian must return the weapon after the Trial is complete.)
  1. TBC cannot be conducted between two people who are in the same gang/associates/friends/etc.
  2. If a civilian wins, he or she shall get a full pardon and must return the weapon to the officers.
  3. If cop wins, the civilian shall receive a full ticket. If the ticket is refused the civilian will be sent to jail.