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Treasure hunting is a very profitable activity that involves great map knowledge. As a result of this there is a large player market for treasure maps. If you are unable to find where the treasure is located, selling the map to another player may be a good way to make some of the potential money.

Example of a treasure map


To begin your career as a treasure hunter there are a few items you must obtain.

  • Treasure Map: You must have a treasure map to hunt for treasure. You can get them from mining, wreck excavating or from other players.
  • Vehicle: It is recommended to use a vehicle to travel around the island looking for the treasure chest.


Below outlines the steps to start doing treasure hunting on Altis.

  1. Open your treasure map and study the area surrounding the red 'X'.
  2. Locate the treasure chest marked by the red 'X' and claim your treasure.
  3. Sell your treasure to the nearest jewellery store.

Additional Info

  • The treasure chest can only be looted if you have your treasure map on you.
  • You can only hunt for one treasure chest at a time. Complete your current hunt to display a new map.
  • Each treasure location is unique, it is not as simple as sharing treasure map locations with other players as before.
  • Some treasure locations may be in dangerous red zones, be careful looking in these areas.
  • The treasure maps are oriented North Up, the same as your M map.