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The Training Team

  • Purpose

The Purpose of the APD Training Team is to provide officers with a high quantity of high quality trainings, and to provide them with the information and resources needed to better themselves.

  • Mission

Our mission in the training team is to help officers, no matter the rank, to better themselves, and prepare them for their careers in the APD. It is our aim to leave markable and lasting impact on the APD and its officers that shows its results in the success and conduct of our officers on duty.

Training Team Standard Operating Procedures

  • Chain of Command
    • Mock-Certified Officer: Our mock-certified officers are the most basic type of officer that is considered part of the training team. Although they do not host any of the usual trainings that the training team is primarily responsible for, they are responsible for providing mock-ride alongs to cadets that are seeking them. These officers are constables and corporals with strong knowledge of the APD Guidebook's policies and procedures, who set an example for other officers to follow.
    • Provisional Training Officer: Officers that have passed an entry interview for the training team will become a provisional training officer. This is the time that they are in a kind of training phase, learning how to conduct trainings appropriately. Once a provisional training officer has successfully passed the two phase training program, they will become a full fledged training officer.
    • Training Officer: Training officers are members of the APD ranging from the rank of Corporal to Lieutenant, and make up the foundation of our team. They are responsible for:
      1. Hosting Trainings, Training Operations, and Training Academies
      2. Conducting Mock-Certification Interviews
    • Training Server Developer: The developer for the training server is solely responsible for updating and maintaining our training server, ensuring that all events and areas are up to date and bug free. The training server developer is chosen and agreed upon by the training team assistant commander, and the training team commander.
    • Assistant Training Team Commander: The assistant commander of the training team is the second in command of the entire training team. Whenever the acting Training Team Commander retires, gets demoted, or the position is otherwise unfulfilled, the Assistant Training Team Commander at the time will take the position of Training Team Commander to ensure the training team always has an officer to manage it. If, for any reason, both the commander and assistant commander positions are vacant, a commander will be selected by the active APD Captains. They are responsible for:
      1. Managing and Maintaining the Mock-Certification Program
      2. Tracking Activities for Active Mock-Certified Officers
      3. Assisting the Training Team Commander in Decision Making Matters for the Training Team
    • Training Team Commander: The Training Team Commander is the first in command over the training team, and shall serve as the final authority in any matter pertaining to the training team as a whole. They are responsible for:
      1. Recruiting New Training Officers
      2. Making and Updating APD Training Team Policy
      3. Administrating and Managing the APD Training Team
      4. Tracking Activities for Active Training Officers
      5. Answering questions pertaining to the training team
    • Note: The Training Team Commander, having the final say over all matters pertaining to the Training Team, reserves the right to bypass or change any policy mentioned in this section of the guidebook at any point in time at his/her discretion.

  • Training Types
    • Trainings: Trainings are the most basic form of training provided by our team. These are usually centered around a specific topic, and are primarily intended to provide officers with important or new information that they may not have previously been aware of. Along with this information, officers are provided with demonstrations and examples of the content that is being covered, so as to give them a visual representation of what is being taught. Lastly, although trainings are mainly meant to be centered around the giving of information, most trainings can and should include a portion where officers are put in a scenario to practice what was taught, though this should not be the main focus of the event. In order to allow officers ample time to attend our trainings, an announcement will be put out at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the training in the 'APD-Announcements' channel in the Asylum Discord. As a final note, for a training to be counted as a full training, it must last a minimum of 45 minutes, and must have a minimum of five officer in attendance.
    • Operations: Operations are our second level of training, and is much more centered around practicing and honing skills that officers should already possess, by testing them in a range of situations and scenarios. Overall, the structure of these, when done correctly, will resemble a small scale version of what milsims do in their operations. Essentially, officers should be given an initial briefing at the start of the operation. This should give the officers a basic goal or objective to start with. As they go on, they will gain more information leading them to other areas. It is the hope of the training team that during these operations, officers will have the chance to practice combat ability, role play ability, pursuit ability, as well as a number of other skills officers can utilize. At the end of an operation, a debriefing will be held to outline what the officers did well, and what they could stand to do better. To allow time for a sufficient amount of officers to respond, an announcement should be made at least 1 hour prior to the start of the operation in the 'APD-Announcements' channel in the Asylum Discord. To count as a full operation, it must last a minimum of 1 hour, and must have a minimum of eight officers in attendance.
    • Academies: Academies are essentially a rebranding of an old training team concept of 'operations'. Essentially, these are a set of trainings on a number of different topics that are all centered around a certain idea spanning multiple days. For example, a Combat Academy may have one day dedicated to close quarters combat training, a second day dedicated to marksmanship training, and a final day dedicated to advanced combat tactics. Aside from offering training, academies are also hoped to serve the purpose of helping officers who are going for promotions to look good by showing they are willing to do extra work to better themselves. Due to this, academies must be planned out prior to their announcement or hosting. Once an academy has been approved to be hosted, an announcement will be made in the 'Training Team' section of the Asylum Forums, containing a basic outline of what the academy will cover, as well as a sign up sheet to attend the academy. In order to maintain the selective nature of academies, each academy will have a certain cap on the maximum number of officers that can attend, with slots being filled on a first come first serve basis. Finally, for academies to be official, each day must last a minimum of 45 minutes of training, and the academy must have a minimum of 10 attendees signed up.
  • Training Server Rules/Discipline
    • Rules:The following list of rules is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Training officers are free to add any additional rules they may feel necessary for any given training at their discretion. However, the following rules will be the basic set that will be enforced across any and all trainings:
      • Always follow the rules of the training officer(s)
      • Do not use any weapons, vehicles, or equipment above your rank without the approval of a training officer.
      • Do not discharge your firearm or paintball during trainings without the approval of a training officer.
      • Do not talk over the training officer(s) while a portion of the training is in progress, or when instruction is being given.
      • Recording/streaming of the APD Training Server is strictly prohibited.
    • Discipline:The following will be the standard progression of discipline for officers found violating the rules of the training server. Similarly to the rule list, this is simply to act as a guideline, and does not HAVE to be strictly followed if the offense is severe.
      • Verbal Warning/Force Disconnect: The first time a rule is broken, the officer should be verbally warned about what they are doing wrong, and what they need to do to correct it. If necessary, they may be force disconnected back to the lobby of the server so they can be spoken to.
      • Kicked from the server: The second time a rules is broken, the officer should be kicked from the training server via infistar. This will come with a short cooldown before they can rejoin the server and training again. At this point, they should again be advised of what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to correct it. Additionally, they should be advised that this is their final warning.
      • Banned (Blacklisted) from the training server: If an officer continues breaking rules past the first two warnings, or their offense is particularly egregious, the should be banned from the training server via infistar. Once a player has been banned from the training server, they are considered as being blacklisted from attending trainings until the ban is removed with approval from the training team assistant commander or training team commander. When an officer is blacklisted from the server, the blacklisting record form should be filled out to keep an accurate record of all blacklisted officers.

Mock Ride-Along Certification Program

  • Becoming Mock Certified
    • In order to become a mock certified officer, you must meet the following requirements, and pass an interview with a training officer.
      • Requirements:
      • - Must have been a constable for a minimum of 3 weeks
      • - Must be in good standing within the APD (No more than 1 active point) (Note that depending on severity of disciplinary action may still lead to removal)
      • - Must have attended 2 trainings (SWAT Trainings will NOT count)
  • Mock Certification Interview
    • The interview to become a mock-certified officer consist of mostly scenario based questions intended to test your knowledge of APD Guidebook policy and procedure, as well as your handling of grey area situations. Since we expect our mock-certified officers to be well informed on these matters, in order to pass your interview, you may only miss two questions and still pass. Missing three questions will result in a failure of the interview. If you complete the interview without missing three questions, you will pass and be added to the roster of mock-certified officers. If you fail the interview, you will have to wait fourteen days before you are eligible to take another. (i.e. If you failed on the first of the month, the earliest you could take another interview would be on the fifteenth of that same month).
    • Mock Certification tests given between affiliated interviewee's and Training Officers are no longer allowed (unless granted permission from the Training Commander and sat in on by the Commander or the Assistant Commander).
    • If interview is failed, may take interview again after 7 days instead of 14 (i.e. If failed on the 1st may take no sooner than the 8th)
  • Expectations
    • On top of requirements to become mock-certified, we have certain expectations of our mock-certified officers once they have become certified. Most importantly, we expect them to always keep up to date with APD policy updates, and always ensure they are giving correct information to cadets. Mock officers who give incorrect or false information to cadets could lose their certification if it is found they are no longer well informed enough about the APD guidebook to be certified. Additionally, we expect our certified officers to remain in good standing in the APD. Any disciplinary reaction received in the APD can affect your status as a mock-certified officer as well, and could result in loss of certification if the offense was severe enough.

Training Officer Information

  • Requirements
    • Mock Certified Officers: All mock certified officers will be expected to conduct a minimum of 1 mock ride-along per month in order to keep their certification. Should they fail to meet this simple requirement, they would have their certification removed without an activity warning. Tracking the activity of mock certified officers falls to the training officers, and the Training Team assistant commander.
    • Training Officers: All training officers will be expected to conduct a minimum of 2 activities per month in order to remain as active members of the APD Training Team. Failure to meet this requirement for a period of time longer than 1 month would result in removal from the training team without an activity warning. Activities for training officers will include: trainings, operations, any day of an academy, and mock certification interviews. Tracking the activity of training officers falls to the Training Team Commander.
  • Rank Restrictions: With the addition of operations and academies to the usual trainings hosted by our team, there will be restrictions as to exactly which TOs can host which kind of trainings.
    • Corporals: Corporals, after becoming full fledged TOs, will be able to host trainings entirely on their own without any assistance. However, should a corporal TO wish to host an operation, they will require the assistance/supervision of a TO ranking sergeant or higher to conduct the operation. So long as the corporal is the primary host of the operation, and not the assistant Sgt+, the Cpl TO may submit the operation as an activity. In regards to academies, while corporal TOs will be allowed to assist with academies, they can not host them, and therefor, can not receive credit for them as an activity either.
    • Sergeants: Sergeants will be allowed to host both trainings and operations entirely on their own, and can submit either as an activity when hosted. If a sergeant TO wishes to host an academy, they will need to have a secondary TO the rank of sergeant or higher assisting in hosting the academy. This is to ensure that there are two sets of eyes checking all information being given to make sure it is correct and relative to the academy hosted. In this situation, both TOs involved in hosting may submit the academy days as activities.
    • Lieutenants: Since Lieutenants are the senior officers of the APD, any TO the rank of Lieutenant or higher will be permitted to host any training, operation, or academy entirely on their own, without any assistance or supervision needed, and may submit any of these events that they are the primary host of as an activity.
  • Disciplinary Action: All members of the training team are expected to be in good standings within the APD. Our training officers are who represent our team and what we are, and as such, will be held to a higher standard than other officers. Should any member of the training team, from a mock-certified officer to the training team commander, receive disciplinary action within the APD (Verbal Warnings, Points, Blacklists, etc.) or receive any kind of server bans resulting in disciplinary actions, they may be either verbally warned (for small offenses) or could be removed from the training team until such time that the points or blacklist were lifted or decayed. At that point, unless stated otherwise, they would be eligible to re-apply for training officer, but would not be re-instated directly. Disciplinary action against mock-certified officers will be handled primarily by the Training Team assistant commander. Disciplinary action against training officers, the training server developer, or the training team assistant commander will be handled primarily by the Training Team Commander. Any disciplinary action against the training team commander will be handled by the Captains of the APD.

Training Team Roster

Training Team Commander

  • Lieutenant King

Training Team Assistant Commander


Training Team Developers

  • 2nd Lieutenant Mitch
  • 2nd Lieutenant ObiWoki

Training Officers

  • Lieutenant zdeat
  • Lieutenant .Nathan
  • Sergeant Curley
  • Sergeant Shy

Retired Training Team Commanders

  • Captain Sandwich
  • Lieutenant Bilbo Baggins
  • Lieutenant Painbringa112

Note: With permission from the current Commander, Retired Training Commanders are still allowed to conduct trainings when needed.

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