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  • There are in-game charges and RP charges not listed below. Use good judgement when applying these. Remember if it is not listed and doesn't enhance the role play you should not be charging it.
  • Suspects are able to be charged for the contents of their person, their backpack or any vehicle(s) they have keys to.
  • All crimes involving a weapon should result in the weapon being seized.
  • Depending on the suspect's role-play, Constables and higher are allowed to issue ticket prices lower than what is written below.
  • Cadets must stick to the ticket prices below if they do not have the approval from a higher ranking officer.
  • Sergeants and higher are allowed to authorize 50% increases on ticket prices.
  • When civilians sell illegal items to Drug Dealers/Wongs the acquired money will have trace amounts of narcotics on it until the money is deposited in an ATM. Upon searching these players it will display an amount in the top right and will also say "Cash on hand has traces of narcotics" otherwise known as tainted money. Individuals found with Tainted money or money with traces of narcotics on them and no other drugs in their possession (including a near by vehicle), are charged by locating the nearest illegal drug field and charging them with possession of that substance.

Aviation Offenses

Offense Price Notes
Altitude Violation $100 All aircraft must maintain an altitude of at least 300 meters when flying over cities. (Officers may fly below this limit if in active pursuit or in the process of landing.)
Landing Within City Limits $250 If a heli or plane lands inside the city limits (not at a designated heli pad or landing strip), the heli or plane AND its crew may be searched. Medics can land if currently involved in a rescue but must leave once the situation is under control.

Criminal Offenses

Offense Price Notes
Assisting in a Kidnapping $5,000 Applied for those clearly assisting in a kidnapping. This charge is not stackable.
Attempted Manslaughter $2,500 May only be stacked if the suspect escapes custody after being charged and then attempts to kill another officer.
Attempted Bank Robbery $7,500 Any suspect caught clearly assisting in a Federal Reserve or Bank Robbery who does not have the automatic charge of Bank Robbery should be charged with this. This charge can also be applied if someone was found with materials to rob a bank/fed at a bank/fed but is not active.
Cannibalism $4,000 Applied to individuals in possession of raw or cooked human organs or who have recently butchered a human.
Destruction of Property $12,500 Blowing up houses, vehicles, drones, government equipment. (Not applicable to trees, signs, lightpoles, etc)
Disobeying an Order from an Officer $500 Offenders must first be warned verbally to stop disobeying. If they continue, add this charge. If they continue after the second offense, offenders may be sent straight to jail.
Drug Trafficking $10,000 Applied to individuals in possession of cash marked as illegal from selling drugs to a Drug Runner or those in possession of drug running aircraft/boat containing narcotics. (Flying a plane or driving a boat itself does not give Probable Cause.)
Escaping Jail Jail Anyone caught escaping from prison should be sent back to complete their sentence.
Evading Arrest $2,500 Suspects that actively evade (on foot or in a vehicle) an officer's attempt to arrest them should be charged with this.
Federal Gold Bars $15,000 Applied per gold bar in the suspect's possession.
Grand Theft Auto $1,500 Theft of a vehicle (when not auto-charged).
Harassment & Rape Jail After a verbal warning is issued, send straight to jail. If harassment continues, report to an admin.
Identity Fraud $5 Applied to individuals who are incorrectly listed on the wanted list or are listed twice (to determine which charges are theirs.) Does not count towards the $2,500 minimum for Probable Cause.
Illegal Vehicle Dissasembly $5,000 Applied to any individual who has cash on hand with traces of grease stains.
Impersonating a Police Officer Jail Only applied to off-duty officers who use their rank to interfere with their own processing (such as "I'm a Constable/Corporal/etc. I know the Guidebook and you can't do that...")
Insurance fraud $500 Deliberately running in front of or obstructing vehicles. If this continues after the ticketing, send straight to jail.
Intent to Commit Arson $10,000 Only applied to a suspect who is found in possession of an arsonist kit.
Kidnapping $12,500 Applied per suspect kidnapped only if the criminal moves the restrained people. This also applies to those who drive/fly/sail people in restraints.
Littering $100 Putting items on the ground.
Manipulation of Police Gates $1,000 Applies to the gates at the front of Police HQ's, and at checkpoints.
Menace to Society Jail at discretion No in game charge. Individuals found to be wanted for $300,000 or more are a menace to society and may be sent straight to jail at officer discretion.

IF an individual turns themselves in to the APD for a trial by combat which has been approved by a SGT+ (prior to surrendering) they may proceed with the TBC.

Money Laundering $5,000 Applied to individuals in possession of Dirty money/Banded Notes. Stack to the amount of Dirty money/Banded Notes they have, rounding to the nearest $5k.
Possession of Cocaine $7,500 Also applies to unprocessed Cocaine.
Possession of Cocaine Bricks $10,500 Applied to individuals in possession of Cocaine Bricks.
Possession of Element 115 $2,000 Applies to Element 115.
Possession of Explosives $5,000 Applied to a suspect in possession of RPG Ammunition, Grenades, Suicide Vests, Demo Charges, Speedbomb(s), Ignition Bombs or Thermite.
Possession of Heroin $5,000 Also applies to unprocessed Opium.
Possession of Illegal Liquor $2,000 Applies to all types of moonshine, white lightning, whiskey and scotch. Includes barley. Beer is not illegal.
Possession of Dark Fungi $5,000 Applies to Dark Fungi.
Possession of LSD Pills $7,000 Applies to LSD Pills.
Possession of Purified LSD Sheets $13,000 Applies to Purified LSD Sheets.
Possession of Golden Wax $13,000 Applies to Golden Wax.
Possession of High Potency Cannabis $7,000 Applies to Sativa or Indica Cannabis Seeds, Sprouts, Adult Plants or Buds.
Possession of Reggie Weed $2,500 Also applies to unprocessed Cannabis. Can be applied if the governor has legalized weed and they have Marijuana. Medical Marijuana is never illegal.
Possession of Meth $10,000 Also applies to unprocessed Ephedra, Meth Cocktail or Crank.
Possession of Heisenberg Meth $15,000 Applied to individuals in possession of Heisenberg Meth.
Possession of Patient Remains $35,000 Applied to any suspect who is found to have the Patient Remains from the Menal Asylum.
Possession of PCP $3,500 Can only be purchased at Drug Dealer.
Possession of Police/Medic Equipment $2,500 Police/Medic Equipment must be seized from the suspect's possession. Does not apply to stolen vehicles.
Possession of Turtle/Dog Meat $12,500 Applies to dog or turtle meat.
Public Intoxication $100 A roleplay charge applied to an individual who is under the influence while in public.
Robbery $5,000 Armed robbery using a weapon.
Terrorism $15,000 Applied when 3+ civilians assault a police HQ or government building (Does not apply to bank or fed). Due to the threat they pose, suspects may be sent straight to jail at officer discretion.
Threatening an officer $2,500 Threatening to harm an officer.

Traffic Offenses

Offense Price Notes
Speeding $100 Applied when an individual is found to be exceeding the speed limit for the road they are driving on. On main roads the speed limit is 80km/h, on all other roads (dirt roads, in cities, etc) the speed limit is 50km/h.
Excessive Speeding $500 Applied to an individual who is driving at a rate of 25+ km/h over the speed limit for the road they are on. On main roads the speed limit is 80km/h, on all other roads (dirt roads, in cities, etc) the speed limit is 50km/h.
Reckless Driving $500 Reckless Driving causing injury/accidental death or with intent to kill
Failure to Stop $250 Applied to suspects that attempt to avoid manned APD checkpoints by driving around the checkpoint.
Offroading $50 Failure to drive within 10 meters of a marked road. If they don't have a roleplay reason as to why they are offroading, the officer gains probable cause.
Driving an Illegal Vehicle $2,500 Applied for the Ifrit, Strider, .50 cal offroad, armed Jeep, and armed Qilin. Illegal vehicles must be seized.
Driving Without a License $50 ---
Driving Unregistered Vehicle $250 Applied to suspects that are driving Go-Karts outside of the designated Go-Kart track.

Firearm Offenses

Offense Price Notes
Possession of an Illegal Firearm $2,500 Any legal firearm without a firearms license is also considered illegal. Any Bounty Hunter firearm without both BH and firearms licenses is considered illegal. Bounty Hunters with lethal ammunition for MX's,TRG, or a Vermin should be charged with possession of an Illegal Firearm. This charge is not stackable. List of legal/illegal firearms
Discharge Within a City $500 ---
Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon $7,500 This charge is to be applied when a licensed bounty hunter abuses their bounty hunter weapon against an APD Officer.

Please note, this charge is ONLY to be applied to a LICENSED bounty hunter who abuses their weapon against an APD OFFICER.

This charge is not to be stacked with Possession of an Illegal Firearm. Officers may, at their discretion, choose which charge to apply.

Ex. If a licensed bounty hunter uses their mx against an officer, the officer may charge the bounty hunter with EITHER Possession of an Illegal Firearm or Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon NOT both.

Weapons Trafficking $1,000 Weapons Trafficking is defined as "transport (ex. in a vehicle) or possession of illegal weapons in excess of personal use."

Personal use is defined as 1 weapon per weapon slot. A suspect must have 3 or more illegal weapons in their possession. If a suspect has exactly 3 illegal weapons, 2 must be for a single weapon slot (1 Mk-1, 1 RPG Tube and 1 Zuber is not weapons trafficking, regardless of how many legal weapons are in their possession).

If an individual is trafficking weapons, they are given 1 count of "Weapons Trafficking" per weapon in their possession (legal or illegal).

Automatically Applied Charges

Offense Price Notes
Admin Jailed $999,999 Applied to a suspect who has been jailed by an admin. Send directly to jail.
Arson $15,000 Applied to a suspect who sets a house on fire.
Attempted Auto Theft $500 Applied to a suspect who has attempted to lockpick a vehicle.
Bank/Federal Reserve Robbery $10,000 Applied to suspects who are present (in the area of the Bank of Altis, or the Federal Reserve) while their respective alarms are active.
Escaping Jail $10,000 Applied to suspects who successfully escape the prison during an active prison break. Send straight to jail.
Execution $7,500 Applied to a suspect who kills an individual in civilian restraints.
Explosive Terrorism $40,000 Applied to a suspect when a speedbomb planted by them detonates.
Gang Homicide $2,500 Applied to suspects who kill someone in a gang that their gang is currently in a war with.
Hit and Run $1,000 Applied to a suspect who runs someone over with a vehicle.
Manslaughter $5,000 Applied to a suspect who kills another person with a weapon.
Prison Break $10,000 Applied to suspects who are present (in the area of the Prison of Altis) while its alarm is currently active.
Second-degree Murder $3,000 Applied to a suspect who executes an individual when they are on the ground and unconscious.
Suicide Bomber $40,000 Applied to a suspect who detonates a suicide vest.
Unlawful Detainment $1,500 Applied to a suspect who restrains an individual who is not one of their current bounties.
Raiding the Evidence Lockup $15,000 Applied to suspects who are present (in the area of the Evidence Lockup) while its alarm is currently active.