Shipping Robbery

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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end game objectives. The tactics you use and the weaponry will be left to your discretion.

  • The Altis Shipping Robbery requires a large group of rebels and careful planning to deliver stolen cargo to various drop off points.
  • This event is highly random and can take sudden unexpected turns at any moment during the event.
  • The event has 3 tiers of difficulty to cater to various group sizes and amounts of experience.


To begin the robbery, you must travel to the Chop Shop located at the docks south of Athira.

Each difficulty tier starts with bribing the dock worker to start the inside job:

Tier 1: $10,000
Tier 2: $15,000
Tier 3: $25,000


After bribing the dock worker for the stolen transport vehicle, you must hold off incoming waves of police that will attempt to stop the robbery.

  • Each difficulty tier increases the time that the attacking APD has to be held off before the transport arrives.

After the attacking APD have been held off, the stolen transport will arrive for you to steal. Each difficulty tier provides a different stolen vehicle to transport:

Tier 1: HEMTT Ammo Truck
Tier 2: HEMTT Box Truck
Tier 3: Tempest Repair Truck
  • Once the stolen transport arrives, random drop off points will generate on the map for you to deliver the vehicle to.
    • Each marker will provide a percentage of the total reward that you will receive if you take it there.
    • These rewards range from 25-100%, with the larger payout percentages being further away from the Chop Shop.
  • During the escort of the convoy, a global GPS signal will broadcast the location of the stolen transport to everyone. The frequency of the broadcasts increases with the difficulty tier.
    • The Tier 3 difficulty will provide you with an Armed Minigun Qilin as an escort vehicle for the convoy.

Failure Conditions

The convoy will fail under these circumstances:

  • The APD secures the transport and seizes it.
  • The transport is not delivered to a drop off location in the 45 minute window.
  • The transport is destroyed.


The payout of the convoy robbery is dependant on the difficulty tier that is selected at the start, and the distance of the drop off location in relation to the Chop Shop.

At the 100% drop off locations the payouts for each tier are:

Tier 1: $150,000
Tier 2: $350,000
Tier 3: $500,000