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The quest system is a great way to introduce players to various gameplay features while rewarding them for doing so. These can be accessed with your Phone Menu (press Y).

(These pages are not yet filled out)

Civilian Quests

Cop Quests

Medic Quests

Tutorial Quests

  • Multiple stages of various messages about information regarding how Asylum works and plays.
  • Various tutorial quests are added and give messages, waypoints and sounds for new players to get started with learning how to play.

Server Cycle Quests

  • Only one server cycle quest can be activated at any given time.
  • Once you complete a server cycle quest, you can activate a new one via the quest app.
  • The buff you received from a complete cycle quest, will only be active during that restart.
  • On a new restart, all completed cycle quests are wiped and can re-completed.