Purification Factory

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Purification Factory

The elite drug runners of Altis have derived a way to make more potent and expensive drugs. The place where they process these drugs is the Purification Factory. Located just West of Athira, the Purification Factory is an Illegal Area which allows for the triple processing of drugs and contraband into their more potent derivative.

Purification Factory.JPG

The following Items are Processed at the Purification Factory:

  • Processed Cocaine -> Cocaine Bricks
  • Meth-> Hesienburg Meth
  • Sativa/Indica Buds -> Golden Wax

All of these processes increases the selling value of the items, Cocaine Bricks is worth more than Processed Cocaine, etc. HOWEVER the added distance of travel and included risk may make it not worth it! If you have a group and skill level strong enough to process at the Purification Factory go for it! But its proximity to a major town makes it dangerous!

  • The Purification Factory only takes a 5% cut of illegal drugs instead of the normal 15% of drug processors.