Probable Cause

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Probable Cause

Here is an exhaustive list of what can grant probable cause (the right to search a person and their vehicle without consent). Keep in mind, there may be gray area situations which will grant probable cause that do not fall under this list.

Illegal Areas

  • Seeing a person inside of an illegal area
  • Seeing a vehicle inside of an illegal area

$2,500+ bounty

  • A suspect with a bounty of $2,500 or more

Auto Theft

  • Attempted Auto Theft charge ($500)
  • Grand Theft charge ($1,500)
  • Seeing a civilian attempt to lockpick a vehicle, but does not currently have a charge
  • A civilian driving a vehicle not registered to them

Illegal Firearms

  • A civilian carrying an illegal firearm (holstered or actively carrying)

Illegal Vehicles

  • A civilian driving an illegal vehicle:
    • Ifrit
    • Offroad (HMG)
    • Qilin Minigun
    • Jeep Minigun
    • Strider

Evasion of Arrest

  • A suspect fleeing from an officer, either on foot or in a vehicle

Self Incrimination

  • A civilian admitting to a crime
  • Admission to possessing illegal contraband

Note: A civilian incriminating someone other than themselves does not grant probable cause on another person.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)/Moonshine Lab

  • Seeing an RV/Moonshine Lab emitting smoke will grant probable cause on the vehicle and any person the vehicle is registered to.

Keep in mind that the immediate area surrounding an RV/Moonshine Lab emitting smoke is considered an illegal area.


  • A civilian driving around a manned checkpoint to avoid going through it

Note: civilians have the right to do a 180° turn to avoid a manned checkpoint.

Federal Events

  • Any individual found inside the Federal Reserve
  • Any individual on the Bank of Altis peninsula during an active Bank Robbery
  • Any individual on the island or the bridges approaching the Prison of Altis during an active Prison Break


Offroading by itself does not grant probable cause. Officers may perform a traffic stop and question the suspect about their offroading.

  • If a suspect gives any role play reason as to why they are offroading, probable cause is not granted
  • If the suspect does not give any role play reason as to why they are offroading, probable cause is granted

Landing Within City Limits

  • If a heli or plane lands inside the city limits (not at a designated heli pad or landing strip), the heli or plane AND its crew may be searched.
  • Medics can land if currently involved in a rescue but must leave once the situation is under control.

Police Headquarters

Civilians who enter police headquarters will grant probable cause. The civilian must enter a police headquarters themselves, and not by other means.

Other means includes:

  • Being brought into headquarters in bounty hunter restraints with no prior probable cause
  • Being brought into headquarters in police handcuffs with no prior probable cause
  • Being brought into headquarters in the passenger seat of a vehicle (tell the civilian to leave headquarters and if they do not leave then you gain probable cause).