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Current Update

Asylum V2 "Changelog 6/25/2020"


  • Most recent gang wars winners given in-game title. Old winners removed.
  • Added autorun via custom action 5, supports swimming too.
  • Added group member names under hexes when the tilde key is pressed, last 5 seconds.
  • Added a 3rd Skiptracer north of Sofia, replacing the old bounty hunter shop.
  • Added olive legstrap backpack to rebel and regular clothing store.
  • Black added to Donor 10
  • Coyote added to Donor 9
  • Added air spawns to Athira and HW patrol HQs.
  • Added IR Laser to Rebel/Skiptracer & Cpl+.
  • Added a Check Mailbox scroll option on ATMs as alternative to !comp.
  • Medic "Partnership" system
  • Scroll on any medic to become a partner.
  • Wiping you partners will not wipe you from others, they'll still pay you if you wipe yours.
  • Added scopes to evidence lockup loot.
  • Added an additional toggle for earplug volume, toggling between full, your custom setting, and half of your custom setting.


  • Increased bounty arrest cap 175k to 1 million.
  • Moved shotguns to rebel only, made both illegal and unable to cap cartels.
  • Having your bounty hunter license revoked will keep you from getting a new license until the next server session. <-- See Hotfix #1
  • Changed bounty hunter jailing to only be allowed at Skiptracer/Prison, no longer possible inside cities and Therisa.
  • Renamed Skiptracer map markers to Bounty Hunter Base.
  • Checkpoint gates will now be open after a restart.
  • Added MXM to Evidence Lockup loot table.
  • Spike strip weight 10 -> 12
  • Ammo/Scope/Attachment prices will now be more consistent across Altis.
  • In 2019 we promised a permanent 15% reduction on Rebel weapons, We have made back-end changes that resulted in that 15% discount being removed and have instead reduced prices to compensate. In most cases you shouldn't notice a difference at all, if you find odd/clearly broken prices leave feedback! *Intentional Base price reductions below.
    • P90 $8000 -> $6,000
    • LIM $35000 -> $30,000
    • MK 200 $30000 -> $25,000
  • Key ammo Price Changes
    • LIM Ammo $5000 -> $3000
    • MK 200 Ammo $4000 -> $2500
    • APD MX-GL $6000 -> $3000
  • Medic revives will now pay 15% of the amount to all medics online (excluding yourself).
  • Reviving medic will get the other 85% - if you have partners that 85% is divided among your partners.
  • Giving too many items to a player will now let them know what you tried to give.
  • Ability to revive group members even if they don't hit "Allow Revive".
  • Katiba Added to UC Store for SGT+


  • Removed lethal payouts and pardon.
  • Removed red zone from Skiptracer.
  • Removed bounty hunter shops within cities.
  • Removed police virtual item shop from inside Evidence Lockup.
  • Removed Kavala HQ dispatch desk.
  • Removed split medic groups.


  • Fixed various exploit methods.
  • Fixed missing Swat garage at Air HQ.
  • Missing Donor 8 Van.
  • Fixed revoking permanent house keys.
  • Fixed map drawing exploit.

Hot Fix #1

  • Bounty Hunter license is now equal price as a Rebel License ($12,500)
  • Changed spelling of licence to license when purchasing
  • Reverted Revoke license change
  • Added ability for Corporal+ to revoke BH License for remainder of server restart (See policy update from Captains for when to use)
  • Fixed metal plate gathering in prison
  • Fixed blackjack tables
  • Fixed a script error for redgull

Past Updates

Asylum V2 "Changelog 5/12/2020"

<May 12 2020>

Important Notices:

  • Server 2 will be closing permanently on Saturday morning at 0200 Central Time. The server has restrictive code on it preventing game play. Houses will allow for selling of full price back to market. Compensation will not be offered once the server has shut down. Please move or sell your stuff.

Limited time offerings:

  • Reverted previous seasons donation goals, except for the increased carryall weight.
  • Seasonal Donation Goal Rewards
    • Doubled discover rate of flawless diamonds.
    • Doubled the amount of blood money earned.
    • Doubled the price of all lumber sales.


  • SWAT
    • All SWAT members get a default loadout.
      • Prior cop loadout will be re-equipped after death or once you terminate your SWAT role.
    • Custom loadouts can be obtained from the SWAT Armory at the weapon NPCs at no cost.
    • Armor can be pulled out of the SWAT Garage at no cost - Max of 3 vehicles can be pulled at once.
    • SWAT will terminate 10 minutes after the end of a Federal Event or earlier through the available scroll option.
    • Previous Swat White-listing removed
  • Admin Events
    • Pre-event loadout and position are saved.
    • Winner is automatically payed out at the end of the event. Admins may supplement this amount.
    • Multiple event locations available for admins to choose from.
    • Gun Game Event
      • 15 weapon rounds, kills proceed to the next gun, deaths set you back one.
    • Battle Royale Event
      • Fight towards an ever closing circle to be the last man standing.
  • Re-added harvesting, cooking and selling of human organs.
  • Added ability for civilians to destroy APD spike strips.
  • Additional cosmetic uniforms.
    • Farmer outfit for all.
    • Science Shirt to Donor 3
    • Journalist outfit to Donor 5.
    • Scientist outfit 1 to Donor 6.
    • Scientist outfit 2 to Donor 8.
    • Link to uniforms
  • Added Undercover M900 and Qilin.


  • Increased price of spike strips to $
  • Increased APD seize reward of some illegal items.
  • Tweaked APD Prestige Formula, Cpl/Sgt/LT will see slightly more prestige gained when other officers seize contraband.


  • Fixed issue with subscriber loadouts.
  • Fixed rare instance of being revived and losing your gun.
  • Fixed double stat giving for organ harvesting
  • Fixed a redgull script error
  • Fixed invisible uniforms due to missing clothing textures.
  • Fixed exploit with uranium mining.
  • Fixed blood money being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed exploit with sling loading gold bars.
  • Fixed issue where vehicles rarely would not save across restarts when lockpicked.
  • Fixed Other Stuff

Hotfix #1

  • Increased Federal Reserve elevated security to 1 hour.
  • Added an 8 minute intermission time between federal events.
  • Added a 30 second progress bar to seizing items from vehicles.
  • Reduced seizing distance to within HQ walls.
  • Made the corner walls of Evidence Lockup indestructible.
  • Added the ability for Cpl+ to seize Hunters used in illegal actions.
  • Fixed UC qilins having doors and no emergency lights.
  • Fixed Evidence Lockup electric fence maker text not updating.
  • Fixed whitelisted swat shop bug.
  • Fixed exploit(s) with revive and organ harvesting.
  • Fixed vehicle garage bug.
  • Added Green MX to require a BH license to hold.
  • Fixed Zubr shop mismatch.
  • Crank items can no longer be stored in house inventories
  • Hunters now require the Bounty Hunter license to pull out the vehicle

Asylum V2 "Mid/Late March Update"

<March 22 2020>

Limited time offerings:

  • Due to the lengthy amount of time this has taken to get released, the rewards will be active for more than 30 days. The rewards will be removed probably late May. We will update you when the time gets closer.
  • Seasonal Donation Goal Rewards
    • Increased sell prices of Processed Cocaine and Cut Diamonds by 30%.
    • Increased duration of RedGull effect to 6 minutes.
    • Increased the carry weight of a Carryall backpack to 120 from 96.


  • Permanent house keys.
    • Can only be given/revoked by the house owner.
    • Both players need to be nearby the house when giving the keys out
    • Will show these owners when cops search houses.
      • Cops can now search houses if the owner is offline and the house is being used by a permanent key holder
      • Max of 10 additional key holders per building.
  • Virtual and Physical Storage to Garages.
    • The maximum storage is 250 physical and 325 virtual.
  • Tractor Farming for drug, apple, and peach fields.
    • Tractors will auto gather items at a 3x speed when driven inside an these areas.
    • Tractor storage has been increased to 150.
  • Added Titles
    • Accessed via the y-menu.
    • Can only have 1 title active at a time.
    • There is a settings option to toggle on/off titles from displaying.
    • More titles to come once we get some more data tracking going on.
  • Added vehicle mod shop to vehicle garages
    • Vehicle must be in your garage to modify it.
    • Custom plates should not be of offensive nature, you may be held liable for the things you put on your plate just like you do in sidechat.
    • More customization options and values to come soon. This is a starting trial run for the stuff to see how it pans out.
  • Re-added virtual loot to rebel air drop.
  • Redeployment Menu for APD and AFD.
    • Go to any HQ to redeploy to a new one. Same rules apply as if you were soft logging.
  • Added subscriber vehicle skins to Undercover.
  • Added a "Let me out!" option for APD at the prison.
    • Cannot be used while a prison break is active.
    • Will teleport you to a different spot than the one civilians get teleported to.
  • Medical supply crates.
    • Act as a mobile medical shop for all factions with increased buy prices.
    • Can be purchased by AEMT+ at any AFD airshop.
    • Can be brought into fights via sling-loading and cargo loading.
    • Can be destroyed by any faction to prevent infinite use.
  • Impound option for AEMT+ (similar to the APD one, no seizing).
  • Red/white smokes to AEMT+.
  • Medical supply airdrops.
    • Called in via AFD actions.
  • Added a hint style notification for who restrained you.
  • 4 new animations, usable with the !e command (e.g !e Hi).
    • "Hi" - Gives a Wave.
    • "NuhUh" - Waggles Finger like a teenager in a movie.
    • "Nod" - A Nod.
    • "Stop" - Holds hand out (Same as hi just a bit lower).
  • Animations on key binds for Advanced RP'ers.
    • Certain Animations/Emotes can now be bound via custom controls. We hope to see these used to enhance role-play. All the below require a gun in hand to work. All below emotes can be done while moving/running without slowing you down.
      • Custom 16 - Cease Fire (Subscriber Only).
      • Custom 17 - Nod Yes (Public).
      • Custom 18 - Nod No (Public).
      • Custom 19 - Point (Public).
      • Custom 20 - Halt/Stop (Public).
      • Note: Toggle Lethal's (APD Only) has been moved to custom control 7.
  • Re-added slingloaded cargo safety parachute with Airborne talent.
    • Talent needed for civilians, APD and AFD get this automatically.
    • Increased height to 100m to activate parachute.
  • Added personal parachutes to APD/AFD helicopters.
  • Re-added the use of Processed Cocaine and its effects.
  • Cop: finding cash with traces of narcotics will give prestige.


  • Client performance improvements.
  • LTs/Paramedics will now only open and close doors instead of unlock and lock them.
  • Heavily reduced radiation screen effect with gas masks equipped.
  • Limited the amount of parachutes inside the Hummingbird to 4 to allow them to be swapped with backpacks.
  • Prevented the Rebel Airdrop from being moved around with vehicles.
  • Updated APD Hunter skin credit to @bbgreg17
  • Changed AFD emergency lights to red and white.
  • Changed AFD map markers to be the same as civilian/cop.
  • The respawn button will now enable if the responding medic dies enroute.
  • Picking up illegal items (such as bank money) while on cop will put them into a nearby police car where they will have to be seized at an HQ.
  • Gang houses should appear faster after restart for most people.


  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed vehicles with gold bars being sling-loadable.
  • Fixed being able to do certain actions while downed.
  • Fixed Rebel virtual shop purchase cut being sent to Drug instead of Arms Cartel.
  • Fixed group members being able to un-restrain you without a gun in hand.
  • Fixed some cool down issues with certain scripts.
  • Fixed instances of being being able to cook crank right up against a building.
  • Fixed being able to rob the Federal Reserve without triggering the robbery.
  • Fixed a few item dupe methods.
  • Fixed instances of Error: No Unit occurring.
  • Fixed instances where place-able cartel objects would ban you.
  • Fixed virtual items sometimes taking a long time to be cleaned up.
  • Fixed searching of drugrunner planes.
  • Fixed a script error with medics and weapons.
  • Fixed rare bug that could switch your side.
  • Fixed scotch not aging if joining too close to server restart.
  • Fixed boats being spawned under water in some locations when pulled from garages.
  • Fixed a notification not being displayed when bloodbagged by someone else.
  • Fixed a pricing issue with loadout equipping.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed titles not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed permanent house keys. I hope.
  • Fixed Ifrit smokes.
  • Fixed updating of health on the HUD.
  • Fixed vehicle skin modding allowing you to choose skins you aren't meant to use.
  • Fixed placement of the "Mod vehicle" button for some people.
  • Fixed gather cap of Tempests if upgraded.
  • Fixed other players not being able to hear vehicle horns.

Hotfix #2:

  • Fixed action for medic supply crates not showing if you logged in after the crate was dropped
  • Fixed inability to remove house keys from people
  • Fixed civilian restraints
  • Fixed vehicle mods not being set after server restart
  • Fixed ability to set the same title as you already have set
  • House keys now give garage access (if it's a garage/shed)
  • House keys can now unlock doors
  • The house owner can now list key holders through the house menu
  • Fixed tractor gathering cap
  • Custom vehicle horns are now played by clicking LMB rather than holding it

Asylum V2 "Early February Update"

<February 6 2020>


  • New treasure maps obtainable from mining and excavating -
  • Donor ranks 8/9/10 (will automatically adjust based on your donation amount)
    • Previously mentioned donor rewards for donor 8/9/10
  • Subscriber Retro Orca and Hatchback textures
  • Additional items to market screen on phone
  • Impound option for searched vehicles with illegal items is now available if it's not an illegal vehicle
  • 9mm Suppressor to APD weapon shop
  • Black Tac Vest to Rebel Outpost
  • Some more anti-cheat detection & cheat prevention(hopefully)


  • Limited simultaneous federal events
  • Escape menu buttons when options expanded
  • Bank note seizing will yield less money


  • Sling loading vehicles with gold bars and oil can no longer be done
  • Vehicles containing gold bars will have the mass increased causing the vehicle to be heavier per each gold bar inside.
  • Bugs associated with dead bodies
  • Issues with some player stats not updating correctly
  • Blank space in gang war menu
  • Undercover vehicle checks
  • Various exploits
  • Can no longer wiretransfer while dead
  • APD drone connectivity
  • Air drops not appearing

Asylum V2 "Mid-January Update"

<January 16 2020>


  • Loadout Saving System.
    • Available locations are: rebel, skiptracer, cop HQs, medic HQs.
    • Loadouts will overwrite any existing gear, so make sure you don't have anything special on you don't want to lose!
    • Ability to save up to 3 loadouts per faction side
      • Can subscribe to get an additional 2 slots.
    • You cannot save gear that is not available in the shops you're currently at.
  • Additional stat tracking for around 50-60 different things.
    • Will become available on the asylum stats page soon.
  • War system.
    • Killing someone in a war grants you Blood Money. Blood Money can be used to purchase clothing and weapons at rebel outposts.
  • Custom Control 16 will now toggle lethal/non-lethal (cop only).
  • Re-added protest signs.
  • Slot machine to Casino.
  • New icons for uranium.
  • Virtual item shops will display how much room you have.
  • 5 new animations, usable with the !e command (e.g !e squat2).
    • New variant of squat - "squat2".
    • "point" - points off into the distance.
    • "thebird" does exactly what you think it does.
    • "slowmo" slow-mo running animation.
    • "execute" surprise hostages by fake executing them.
  • The escape menu will now display important Asylum related links as clickable buttons.
  • Free fire line for Drug Peninsula.
  • Re-added automatic charges for executions (i.e if someone gets killed in civ restraints) and gang homicides.
  • Medical to Skiptracer.
  • Prestige for seizing illegal vehicles.


  • Some client performance improvements.
  • Updated APD Strider Skin
  • Some small network optimizations.
  • Loading in after server restarts should be significantly faster.
  • Revives can no longer be spammed with windows key.
  • The death camera shouldn't go through walls/buildings as often.
  • Slightly increased the time of auto health-regen.
  • Go-Karts can no longer be pulled at any garage.
  • Officers will be able to restore power to the evidence lock up quicker. 5 minutes -> 2.5 minutes.
  • LT/Paramedic will be able to open doors with "U" instead of unlocking the whole house.
  • Gang house inventories can now be accessed by rank 4s and above rather than 3.
  • Lethals can be loaded/unloaded inside vehicles again.
  • Dropping items near briefcases will stack the items inside the existing briefcases instead of dropping a new one.
  • Cop ratio:
    • Cop ratio will now count medics in addition to civilians.
    • Ratio changes:
      • 6 Cops allowed online at all times.
      • 9 Cops Allowed after 31 Civs/Medics.
      • 15 Cops Allowed After 56 Civs/Medics.
      • 17 Cops Allowed After 76 Civs/Medic.
  • Jail times:
    • Maximum jail time is 25 minutes.
    • The back-end calculation to determine how long you will be in jail based on your charges has been shortened across the board. Bounty amounts are the same.
    • This is to match the fact we changed the max prison time from 45 mins - 25 mins a few patches ago. Most of the time you won't notice but a few key charges that have changed are:
      • Manslaughter 4mins instead of 6.25.
      • Federal Events 5mins instead of 7.5.
  • Loot box keys no longer require a loot box to be opened. Just click use on the key!


  • Donor/loot-crate wetsuits will now show up at cop diving shops.
  • A rare bug for cops/medics resulting in a money wipe.
  • An exploit allowing you to purchase an already owned garage.
  • Fuel trucks despawning whilst pumping oil.
  • A bug causing you to be jailed every time you log in.
  • A bug allowing you to exploit out of your jailtime.
  • Master Bounty Hunter not being unlearnable with a rebel license.
  • Cop: "Heedful" talent only working with air vehicles.
  • Cop: warrant tracking only working for admins/captains.


  • Ability for medics to pick up illegal items.
  • Ability to sell gold bars at turfs.
  • Ability to spawn at turfs (or in nearby houses) whilst a turf is contested.
  • Ability for medics to throw grenades.
  • Map drawing in sidechat.
  • Unused sounds (seatbelt).
  • Unused images.
  • Some unused code and other files.
  • Semi-broken "intro" animation.
  • A car wreck inside a purchasable garage.

Asylum V2 "Christmas Update"

<Decenber 19 2019>

  • Talent Points: Due to the adjustment we did for talent points, you will need to re-enter your talent points. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Donation Goal: We've added in 1 of the donation goal items in early simply due to how quickly you all helped us reach the goal. As a thank you, we've added in the lottery system immediately. The load-out system will come in early January.
  • Server 2: Server 2 will be getting shutdown at the end of the month. Sometime tonight we will re-open the server to allow any last minute selling off of items/houses/etc to be conducted for the remainder of the month. We will not compensate for anything that is left past end of month. We feel having over a week to get your stuff moved/sold, will be satisfactory. Compensation is up to Mitch at the end of the day, this could be changed. At this time due to population constraints, we're just going to be focusing on the singular server. As this will also help reduce our month to month operating costs.


  • Blackjack at the casino.
  • DP missions for medics.
    • Start the mission at any NPC that civilians can, it will be listed as "Organ Transplant"
  • Oil barrel production.
    • Works the same way as it did in V1.
  • Prestige tree for cops.
    • Prestige HAS BEEN RESET. This was a decision made by the Captains.
  • Functionality for warrant, medic and undercover has returned.
  • The prestige talents are largely unchanged, with the exception of the prestige medic talents to compromise for the medic faction.
  • Lottery System
    • Available at any gas station near you.
    • Funds are automatically removed from your bank account.
    • Funds are automatically added to your bank account.
  • Logging in near rebel will display a warning for those already there.
  • Health Regeneration
    • If >= 75 HP. Will regenerate at about 1pt every ~3 seconds. Food & Water must also be over 75/ea.
  • Automatic system to recalculate physical house weights.


  • More cop slots have been added.
  • The max allowed cops at any one time can be 18 (1 sgt in the sgt+ slot & rest in other slots)
  • Added 3/3/3 Undercover/Medic/Warrant slots
  • SGT+ Slot is added for SGT+ only, it can bypass the cop caps.
  • .50cal Offroads can now be slingloaded with a gunner in them.
  • A bounty hunter license can now be purchased at Skiptracer without the Master Bounty Hunter talent. However, the shops still require said talent.
  • The evidence locker time has been increased from the non-existent prior 30 minute to 50 minute cooldown.
  • Animation handling to hopefully be more reliable/better.
  • Brightness of cop/medic lights was slightly turned down.
  • Handling of uniform/backpack textures to hopefully be more reliable. E.g textures shouldn't change when revived.
  • New players will now start with 2 talents instead of 0.
  • The Evidence Lockup Dome is now godmode.
  • The talents mentioned in this post were removed/changed.
  • The tooltip for earplug volume on the phone was corrected to display the right text.
  • When killed or downed, your rank/group tag will now also be displayed in the chat.
  • Medics now keep their Y-inventory on death.
  • Only civilians now show up on the wanted list.
  • FAKs have had their cost slightly increased


  • "Cop enter as gunner" action not working.
  • Medics now start with GPS/Compass/Watch/Map
  • "Pullout unconscious" action being unreliable.
  • Civilians can no longer switch from passenger seat to driver seat in medic vehicles.
  • A way to vault if restrained.
  • A money reset happening when someone in your medic group revives someone while you are loading in.
  • An exploit allowing for infinite turtle meat from one turtle.
  • An exploit allowing for unlimited vehicle weights.
  • APD Jeep being unpurchasable.
  • A script error related to the distance between you and your bounty when tracking him.
  • Bounties not being removed from bounty hunters if the bounty gets pardoned.
  • Cop SUV Supervisor skin being unpurchaseable for those of sufficient rank.
  • House item seizing with the inventory menu not working.
  • House item seizing with the scroll wheel option not working.
  • Incorrect tracking of cop lethals.
  • Magazine Repack related exploit.
  • Medics not being able to see their tracked vehicles on the map.
  • Surrendering (hands up animation) causing a substantial frame drop over time.
  • Tempest Devices being unusable if attempting to use its gather function while the engine is on.
  • The black RCO being unpurchasable for cops.
  • The descriptions for some civilian slots were changed to match the correct slot number.
  • Kavala airshop not having a helicopter shop.
  • Garages not being able to be listed on the house market.
  • Not being given a bounty for starting the Evidence Locker robbery.
  • Lack of cooldown for the Evidence Locker robbery.
  • Drug runner money and stolen bank money being unseizable for cops.


  • Toasty Sandwich Billboard

Hotfix 1:

  • Fixed medics/cops showing up on the wanted list (initial change didn't go through apparently)
  • Fixed prestige not being earned properly.
  • Fixed prestige not syncing when earned.
  • Fixed inability to craft 7.62 weapons (rebel license is now needed).
  • Priority of scroll wheel options for "Cop Enter as Driver" etc was changed back.
  • Added lottery option to the Sofia gas station.
  • Reduced chance to get a notification regarding the lottery.
  • Fixed bounty hunter group markers not showing on initial bounty request.
  • Fixed inability to stop evidence locker robbery.
  • Fixed lotto not giving you your money when winning.
  • Fixed inability to talk etc while performing an action.

Patch Notes "Halloween"

<October 31 2019>


  • ----Fire Department / Medic ----- Complete Rework!
    • White-list now required to play as Medic
    • !311 to message all online medics.
    • New medic sirens, as well as a horn for certain medic vehicles.
    • New medic lights.
    • New Skins (Thanks @Boon)
    • Cash earned by revives (as a medic) is shared between your medic group.
    • Place-able Objects (Cones/Road Barriers)
    • Defib cooldown timer is now 6 minutes for civilians and cops.
    • Adrenaline shots have been renamed to Narcan shots.
    • Narcan shots will only pick up a downed player. They will not remove the debuff after being revived.
    • The time it takes to revive someone has been increased from 15 to 20 seconds for civilians and cops.
    • Paramedics+ can unlock houses but not access house inventories.
  • Reworked DP Missions
    • 3 New talents added.
      • Slow Poke - Gives an additional 5 minutes to complete deliveries.
      • Experienced Trucker - NPCs will sell basic goods for survival and repairs at an increased cost compared to gas stations.
      • Porch Pirate Protection - Half the money you make will be direct deposited in your bank account and the other half will be given to you on hand.
    • New HUD icon & timer to display time left complete.
    • Experience gained from DP missions has been decreased slightly.
  • Ability to list houses on the market
    • Use the housing menu to set a price.
    • Enter 0 to remove your home off the market.
    • Houses will sell with the inventory upgrades and aging upgrades and be transferred to the new owners!
    • Ability to search for Player Owned housing for sale via the Home Improvement NPCs.
  • New "Mail Box" System Added
    • Type !comp in chat to check your mailbox
    • Admin Compensation will soon go in here so you can receive comp while playing again.
    • Offline house sale money will also be available in here.
    • You need to check it as, the server will not automatically give it to you like before for performance reasons.
  • Re-added Evidence Lockup Robberies
    • Reduced officers required to 6.
    • Removed officers teleporting inside initially.
    • Increased time for player to react to electric fence.
    • Temporarily disabled virtual inventory loot.
    • Added RPK12 and Zafir to bonus loot.
  • Misc Civ Changes
    • Added 75rnd mag for AK-12 and AKM to Rebel Outposts
    • Added Red smoke round for Under-barrel
    • Re-added skydiving.
    • Re-added meat cooking.
    • Re-added scroll wheel option for corn and rye.
    • Added talent to spawn with NVGs upon respawning after death.
    • Re-added vehicle trackers.
    • Appropriate talents will also spawn the vehicle with a tracker.
    • Re-added shank functionality & two duct tape spawns in prison which are used to make shanks.
    • Re-added medic request/enroute system.
    • Re-added Channel 7 News broadcasts.
    • Re-added functionality for the talent that gives you a chance to spawn at a hospital after dying.
    • Re-added functionality for refueling at the airfield.
      • Uses a progress bar to show remaining amount to fuel + fuel cost.
    • Re-added laser tag.
    • Re-added earthquakes.
  • Re-added bounty hunting.
    • The minimum bounty required to be a target is now $25,000.
    • The MX variants are now illegal weapons, but can still be purchased at skiptracer.
    • Added Spar-16 to Skiptracer. Also illegal.
    • Re-added fugitive/informant pings for bounty hunters.
    • BH arrests have a 20 second progress bar (30 at Skiptracer).
  • Cop Changes
    • Re-added 'tracing' for money gained from selling drugs, doing bank robberies and drug runners, allowing cops to search/seize said money.
    • Re-added cop siren yelp.
      • CTRL + F to use.
    • Re-added cop siren phaser.
      • Shift + F to use
    • Re-added fugitive/informant pings for cop.
    • Spar-16S is now available to SGT+.
    • 1Rnd Smoke Shells $500 -> $250
    • 1Rnd Smoke Shells now also come in red
    • Access to two new place-able objects thanks to @Patato


  • Economic Changes
    • Uranium
      • Sell Price $750 -> $550
    • Cannabis/Marijuana/Medical Marijuana
      • Weight 3 -> 2 (All)
      • Marijuana Sell Price $326 -> $330
      • Medical Marijuana Sell Price $200 -> $300
    • Misc Items
      • GPS $250 -> $100
      • Toolkit $80 -> $50
      • Binocular $150 -> $100
      • 1Rnd Smoke Shells $500 -> $250
  • Non Economic Changes
    • Some DP Mission NPCs have been relocated slightly to better accommodate cargo containers.
    • Most crafting sell prices have been adjusted (mainly in the down direction).
    • Some Destruction Crate textures have better quality images now.
    • Being admin revived no longer gives you a debuff.
    • Being the owner of Zaros now grants you free vehicle claiming at chop shop.
    • Increased virtual storage of the Qilin and Prowler.
    • Tweaked cop lights. They will also be brighter during daytime.
    • Slightly increased the damage you take from crashing vehicles.
    • Cop siren wail uses a different sound.
    • On each gather/mine, your current and max inventory capacity will be displayed.
    • JSRS is now allowed again (however - can't be used on the server currently as the most recent Arma update broke something). Blastcore won't return.
    • Dropping items in jail will now delete them instead.


  • Heli lock-picking to require the correct talent.
  • ATMs not being accessible again after failing a gas station robbery.
  • Cop profiteer talents to correctly give increased pay.
  • A script error when being given a ticket.
  • A script error when using Hunter/Strider sirens.
  • An issue related to being put in jail repeatedly.
  • Achievement titles not syncing after setting them.
  • Gang members being able to spawn at a blown up gang house.


  • Pain System & Painkillers
  • Removed RPG launcher and ammo from Rebel Outposts (Restricted to Airdrops and Evidence Lockup).

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed bounty hunters not being able to open the wanted menu for their bounties.
  • Fixed a an issue/a script error related to vehicle trackers.
  • Fixed bounty hunter group markers not working.
  • Fixed an issue where if your bounty was arrested while you were offline, that bounty would be given back to you when logging back in.
  • Fixed bounty hunters being able to cap cartels.
  • Improved "put in vehicle" action.
  • SGTs+ can now purchase Spar16S mags.
  • Changed the Spar 16's name in Skiptracer to make it display as illegal.
  • Changed how medic door unlocking works code-wise.
  • Added a clothing NPC to Kavala for medics to use.
  • Added cop speed radar (custom action 8 only).
  • Re-added air garage to the oil platform.
  • Re-added "pull out unconscious" action.

Hotfix #2:

  • Fixed shared BH arrests being split with an additional non existing person.
  • Fixed/added skiptracer interrogation arrest.
  • Fixed cop/medic lights being extremely bright if turned on during daytime and stayed on till night.
  • Fixed honor not being given for BH CL arrests.
  • Fixed/increased the range of tempest device gathering at the cocaine field.
  • Added option for medics to enter vehicles without unlocking
  • Added sidechat for medics.
  • Added hexagons for medics.
  • Added more clothes for medics.

Hotfix #3:

  • Cop: Added Green 4-five (LT+).
  • Cop: Added Black Scope for 4-five (LT+).
  • Cop: The Night Eyes talent now gives you black NVGs instead.
  • Medic: Added fuel-can to medic shop.
  • Medic: Re-distributed some medic vehicles
  • Off-Road (Basic) Available to Rank 1 (Down from 2)
  • SUV (Basic) Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3)
  • Tempest (Covered) Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3)
  • M-900 Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3)
  • Medic: Re-named some uniforms.
  • Civilian: Dying should now drop money on hand properly.
  • Federal Reserve:
  • Fixed the federal reserve not ending due to medics being nearby.
  • Increased the time it takes to apply a demo charge to safes from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Decreased the time it takes to drill safes from 35 to 25 seconds.
  • Fixed gate not opening fully if boltcut with a talent.
  • Prisoners can no longer be downed with a gun or restrained.
  • Dying while blindfolded should now put you back into your group on respawn.
  • ALT F4'ing while dead should now delete the corpse properly.
  • Fixed house spawns sometimes being at the bottom left corner of the map.
  • Fixed bounty hunters being able to send combat loggers to jail without having their bounty.
  • Fixed setting a gang talent causing you to be kicked from the server.
  • Fixed a revive animation issue.
  • Fixed an issue with not receiving bonus money from Skiptracer jailing.
  • Altered some things to slightly reduce network traffic.

Hotfix #4:

  • Fixed RCO not showing in cop weapon shop.
  • Fixed AK ARCOs being free in the cop weapon shop.
  • Fixed a script error occasionally happening upon loading in after joining the server.
  • Fixed charge removals (on cop) breaking bounty hunters.
  • Fixed Master Crusader/Apex Predator being obtainable without all the prior honor talents.
  • Fixed the notification after robbing someone not disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue causing gang talents/xp to reset.
  • Added a distance/location hint when tracking or getting a new bounty.
  • Exiting vehicle trunks should no longer make you stand up if crouched.
  • The "Tracksuit" uniform (i.e Gorka uniform) can now be used with a Carrier Lite.
  • Some code cleanup/optimization.

Patch Notes "End of August"

<August 30 2019>


  • Added Uranium mining and enriching.
  • Re-added rebel air drops.
  • Re-added turfs and benefits.
  • Re-added crafting.
  • Re-added spikestrips.
  • Re-added oil gathering (need have a pickaxe and be within 15m of a fuel truck for the action to show).


  • Allowed players with max houses to price check houses.
  • Reset vehicle despawn timer when setting up a fuel truck's oil drill and/or when starting to drill.
  • Added a single notification for purchased items from the weapon shop (instead of spamming the chat).
  • Syncing within the area of a cartel will sync you at a random position outside the cartel. Abuse will be punished.
  • Allowed cops to pull out helicopters at civilian air shops.


  • Fixed being able to store gold bars in helicopters.
  • Fixed exploit with medical marijuana.
  • Fixed endless elevated security at Federal Reserve.
  • Fixed jailtime not syncing.
  • Fixed certain vehicles not being able to be pulled from Shed garages.
  • Fixed scopes not being able to be bought for the Promet and AK-12.
  • Fixed an instance where a restrained player could not be interacted with after being escorted.
  • Fixed mining to give the correct amount.
  • Fixed APD lethals not being toggle-able without a primary weapon.
  • Fixed persistent vehicles not clearing vehicle ammo on server restart.
  • Fixed revive animation making you stand up for other people.
  • Fixed color of arrested players not being grey on the wanted list.
  • Fixed dropping items while in a boat.
  • Fixed the ability for multiple people to revive one person.
  • Fixed the ability to use misc controls while dead.
  • Fixed item pick-up exploit.
  • Fixed gang house remaining as gang house after disbanding a gang.

Patch Notes 8.4.1

<May 16 2019>


  • Added Tactical Pings.
    • Look at anything and press Shift+T to create a marker on map visible only to group members. 15-second cooldown.
  • Added seized illegal virtual items to the Evidence Lockup HEMTT.
  • Added virtual inventory loot to Rebel Air Drop.
  • Added binoculars to the default cop and UC loadouts.
  • Added bipod to Captain APD shop.
  • Added a cut to the Wong Triad Cartel when processing and selling alcohols.
  • Added a cut to the Arms Dealer Cartel when crafting at the Black Market Production.
  • Added Tanoa APD Jeep for Constable+.
  • Added scopes to spawn with weapons in Air Drops.
  • Added a safety parachute to sling-loaded cargo above 75m (Need Airborne Talent).


  • Optimized the Federal Reserve.
    • Bar gates will now initialize locked and will require bolt-cutting.
    • Increased spawn rate of gold bars, and increased their price by 10k.
    • Added back spike strips to locked bar gates (and made the effected area smaller).
    • Added a new charge called Federal Reserve Robbery.
    • Domes and safes will re-lock properly when the robbery has ended.
      • Domes and safes will not lock until players move out of them to prevent getting stuck.
  • Reduced RPG damage to all heavy ground/air vehicles.
    • RPG will disable vehicle instead of blowing it up on the first hit.
  • Increased airdrop spawn rate from capturing cartels.
  • Increased airdrop loot amount.
  • Disabled sling-loading of the airdrop crate.
  • Increased base prices of all scotch that is not fully aged.
  • Added barley to list of illegal items. Can now be seized by the APD.
  • Moved one of the Black Market Productions to the east part of the island.
  • Selling at Black Market Production now gives cash on hand.
  • Enabled group names to show under player names, similar to gang names.
  • Increased duct tape spawn rate in prison.
  • Enabled ability to start a prison break right after restart.
  • Re-enabled some housing properties located at the removed Pyrgos Cocaine Field.
  • Changed deer stand shutters to behave the same for all clients.
  • Increased the size of medic requests to make them easier to spot.
  • Tweaked APD prowler texture.


  • Fixed cops not being charged for re-gearing with throwables.
  • Fixed scopes and attachments disappearing when disarmed.


  • Removed ATMs from Black Market Production.
  • Removed 5.56 and 9mm guns from Evidence Lockup loot table.
  • Removed unused Oil Cartel objects from salt flats.
  • Removed unused vote signs at Federal Reserve.
  • Temporarily disabled ability to move gang house due to a related issue.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed cops not being charged for re-gearing.
  • Fixed player tags not showing correctly in vehicles.
  • Adjusted Federal Reserve gold spawns and related talents.
  • Added sling load safety parachute to all factions.
  • Replaced MX with MXM in Rebel Air Drop.

Hotfix #2:

  • Fixed split cop pay not paying the original player.
  • Fixed group names showing on NPCs.
  • Tweaked Tactical Pings to auto delete after 5 minutes.
  • Tweaked RPG damage for different vehicle types.
  • Fixed exploit with chopping trees.
  • Fixed bug with multiple Federal Reserve Robbery charges.
  • Increased time before Rebel Airdrop disappears.

Patch Notes 8.4.0

<April 10 2019>


  • Added APD Evidence Lockup.
    • All weapons seized by APD can be stolen back at the Evidence Locker.
    • End game objective where APD defend, Rebels attack.
    • Initially hack electric fence that keeps civilians out.
    • All cops are dispatched to defend armory.
    • After hacking electrical fence, Rebels must attack the APD and secure the location.
    • Rebels then may spawn a HEMTT loaded with the stolen weapons and attempt to flee.
    • Cops can re-enable the electric fence to stop the robbery.
  • Added Rebel Airdrops.
    • Drops around the island after a cartel is captured with randomly generated loot. Comes with own red zone.
  • Added the ability to toggle the bank lighthouse lights on or off.
  • Added fire escape stairs to the bank roof with included cover for Rebels.
  • Added reflective vests to Constable+.
  • Added black carrier light vest to LT+.
  • Re-enabled JSRS and Blastcore mod support.


  • Tweaked "Resilient" talent to respawn player at the nearest hospital to their corpse.
  • Reduced Rebel and BH military Vehicle's price by 10%.
  • Temporary tweaks to Federal Reserve to reduce the number of smash and grabs.
  • The algorithm for finding a bounty target has been reworked.
  • Dropping a bounty will now make them a low priority target.
  • Slightly reduced damage done by RPGs to large vehicles.


  • Group members in a vehicle who are in a gang war with you will no longer be red.
  • Adrenaline shots now work again inside cartel capture zones.
  • LTs may purchase the laser attachment again.
  • Governor income is working again.


  • Disabled function to check cop gear and automatically remove it from certain ranks. APD staff will still enforce this and take appropriate action.
  • Removed voted admin chat spam.

Hotfix #1:

  • Tweaked stopping the Evidence Lockup robbery to require APD to clear inside of rebels.
  • Tweaked balance of Evidence Lockup robbery to make it easier for rebels to succeed.
  • Added a check to prevent the placement of checkpoint props inside the Evidence Lockup.
  • Added an APD garage inside the Evidence Lockup, accessible only during elevated security, to allow cops to take rebels and evidence back to HQ.
  • Added a check to prevent the Federal Reserve from being robbed during an Evidence Lockup robbery.
  • Added a car garage at the government building in Pyrgos.
  • Removed Drug Field rotation. All Drug Fields will be in their original locations prior to the system being implemented.
  • Removed 2019 promotional skins unlocking. The rewards will be permanently unlocked to those who took advantage of the promotion. Thanks to those who played!
  • Fixed an exploit where the airdrop could be opened prematurely.
  • Fixed a bug with getting up immediately after being downed.
  • Fixed a bug where the cleanup script would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where buying items would not charge your account.

Hotfix #2:

  • Added all deer stands back to the Fed.
  • Removed global tracker from evidence lockup HEMTT.
  • Removed ability to sling-load evidence lockup HEMTT.
  • Tweaked evidence lockup HEMTT to spawn locked, requiring lock picking
  • Fixed bug where an individual wanted listed charges would disappear.
  • Fixed the downing bug again.

Hotfix #3:

  • Fixed missing mags for MX, Spar 16, and AKM/AK12.
  • Any mag color will now work in the gun.
  • Added descriptions to differentiate Lethal/Downing mags.
  • Added check to prevent joining with the Global Mobilization DLC.

Patch Notes 8.3.2

<March 28 2019>


  • Added a scroll wheel option to use adrenaline shots.
  • Re-added cool down between cop and civilian sides on the same server.


  • Tweaked claiming textured vehicles at the chop shop.
  • Tweaked cartel perks to remain until 0% cap.
  • Governor optimizations
    • The governor can now spawn at the government building.
    • Removed sliders for land and gang taxes.
    • Fixed tax profits not going into governor account.


  • Removed ability to load 50 cal into HEMTT box due to a related exploit.

Hotfix #1:

  • Tweaked mission images and vehicle textures.
  • Re-enabled shooting out house crates.
  • Added Spar 16S to LT+.
  • Added a scroll wheel option to use adrenaline shots (for real this time).
  • Fixed vehicle restrain option bug.
  • Fixed virtual shop bug.

Patch Notes 8.3.1 - Part Two

<March 6 2019>


  • Added ability to repair/refuel vehicles in garage.


  • Changed the system for chat commands. "!" is also the trigger now. For example: "!911 Help" or "!e ninja".
  • Changes to code syntax/formatting.
  • Many minor optimizations.
  • Modified Precinct 3 whitelisting.
  • Renamed BABS to CABS in one place.
  • Renamed certain files to remove duplicate names.
  • Reworked APD charging menu & wanted list.
  • Reworked clothing shop menu.
  • Tweaked bank payout to be dependent on the number of cops online.
  • Tweaked pickup of donor items.
  • The sale price of diamonds has gone up.


  • Fixed federal reserve robbing animation where you would get stuck in an animation after drilling a safe.
  • Fixed drill stopping the animation at the bank where you would move around unless you had a primary weapon in your hands.
  • Reworked virtual item shops to fix item prices.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed Skiptracer clothing menu.
  • Various wanted menu tweaks.

Patch Notes 8.3.1

<Febuary 13 2019>
This is our first patch on our new, more reliable server host. These servers will allow for less downtime when something does go wrong and is a step toward better servers. Additionally, the forums have been updated so we may utilize new plugins and features coming real soon. With this said, we are still working on server performance and optimizing our mission file. We would also like to thank all who helped us achieve Community Goals 4! Also welcome our newest contributor Azeh, who will be helping our development team achieve the best!


  • Added the ADR-97 (P90) to Rebel Outpost.
  • Added the Type 115 to Rebel Outpost and UC.
  • Added the Katiba GL (Smokes only) to Rebel Outpost.
  • Added the Survival Fatigues to Rebel Outpost, Skip Tracer, and UC.
  • Added the ability to toggle earplugs while processing.
  • Added Mag Refill to Cop Shops.


  • Compressed mission file size.
  • Prestige titles and benefits now unlock via bank wealth.
    • You must maintain the required wealth to keep the title and perks unlocked.
  • Rodopoli and Gang Talent perks function correctly now.
  • Increased payout for seizing illegal vehicles.
  • Changed disarming to only disarm into nearby police vehicles or HQ.
  • Changed NPC names from my name jeff.
  • Tweaked tent placement checks.


  • Fixed donor item exploit.
  • Fixed exploits while downed or restrained.
  • Fixed mag refill eating grenades.
  • Fixed naked bug sync and associated exploit.
  • Fixed downing script reliability.
  • Fixed animation for lock picking Fed vaults.
  • Fixed cartel cap exploits.
  • Fixed unusable helicopter spawn locations.
  • Fixed DP crate spawn locations.
  • Fixed DLC cargo van seating.
  • Fixed exploit with Tactical View.


Patch Notes 8.3.0

<January 22 2019>
First off, we appreciate your cooperation and support as we work on server performance. While we do so, here are some small additions and changes that have been asked for by the community, we do listen to your voices :). Once we get the performance to an acceptable level, we will begin adding the new content we’ve been working on for all players to experience. We'd also like to welcome back @Bikstok as a contributor and look forward to our development team pushing out great changes in the future!

  • Added the ability to claim vehicles at Chop Shop.
  • Added 2 additional Rebel outposts.
  • Reworked the prison, designed by @Jbdragon!
    • Second bridge removed from the prison
    • A second bridge will be added soon. The dynamic map system Poseidon implemented needs to be reworked or adjusted to accept objects "snapped to the surface" or with pitch and yaw settings for the new Eden Editor.
    • There is a laptop in the prison that you need to upload the virus to in order to infect the security system.
    • The timer is now handled server side, so the player who starts it can lose connection, get killed, leave the server, etc and the prison break will continue.
    • The APD will need to stop the prison break if possible by restoring the system at the laptop in the prison.
    • When the map marker returns to blue, prisoners can no longer escape.
  • Increased price of the Qilin to 50k.
  • Increased price of the Prowler to 45k.
  • Removed side doors on Qilins/Prowlers.
  • Increased the price of the APD Prowler to 25k.
  • Added ability to add additional smokes to Ifrits and Striders using the vehicle ammo item.
  • Added vehicle ammo item to Cop shop.
  • Added the Raven vest to Rebel outpost, Skip Tracer and UC.
  • Added rear/side seats to the DLC cargo van.
  • Increased price of the Suicide Vest to 80k.
  • Increased price of the RPG round to 50k.
  • Increased revive payout to $3500.
  • Added MX SW to CPT+.
  • Added MX GL (Smoke rounds only) to SGT+.
  • Added SWAT uniform to LT+.
  • Added Brown NVGs to UC.
  • Removed Gendarmerie uniform from APD.
  • Removed killer shelves from Kavala.
  • Players can no longer sync their location while within 200m of any cartel.
  • Tweaked downing script.
  • Tweaked vehicles to be more resilient to non projectile damage.
  • Removed the seat belt option and made vehicles significantly safer.
  • Fixed a bug with red names and vehicles.
  • Fixed an exploit with RPGs.
  • Fixed APD talent for Hellcat.
  • Fixed an exploit with syncing.
  • Added an auto-locking method on the servers when FPS gets low on the server
    • It will auto-unlock if the FPS recovers, we hope this will aide in having less crashes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some buildings (like the deer stands at the prison) will be created local to the client and not on the server. Meaning if you close the hatches on the deer stands others will see them open. So don't use them for cover. If you're unsure of if the building is client-sided or server-sided have a friend look at the building while you open/close windows. If they don't move for your friend, don't hide behind them and expect not to die... This will be adjusted when the map system is changed in the near future to accept pitch and yaw.

Hotfix #1:

  • Donor Rebel outpost has been added back to its original location. Now you have (6) rebels to gear up at. If you get camped, fill out a "hurt feelings" report
  • Honor & Honor Talents should now sync properly

Hotfix #2:

  • Decreased damage taken to player while in vehicles.
  • Doner Kebabs will no longer make your food value be a decimal point under certain circumstances.
  • Removed APD Prowler doors.
  • Removed Gang Bank cap.
  • Now all players who are in the vicinity of the prison will be charged with Prison Conspiring.
  • Any players who decide to be broken out from jail will also now be charged with Prison Conspiring on top of Escaping Prison.
  • Prison Break delay dropped from 45 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Syncing at certain zones has been fixed.
  • An option to refill magazines at Rebel Outposts has been added.
  • Re-added the ability to sell weapons at Firearm Factory, vehicles are still disabled.
  • Added lethal MX SW rounds to Cop shop.
  • Some security adjustments.

Hotfix #3:

  • Removed role switch/server hop cooldown
  • Fixed some exploits
  • Magazine Refiling should now work properly at Rebel Outposts
  • Server 3 Precinct is back to being enabled and will remain now (sorry...)
  • Federal Reserve elevated marker will now remove at the correct time

Hotfix #4:

  • Prison cooldown adjusted to be 30 minutes
  • Federal Reserve hacking animation fix
  • Fix regarding donor item(s) pickup
  • Prestige conversion has been disabled
  • Fixed Rodopoli gathering benefit

Patch Notes 8.2.4

<December 26 2018>

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to escort people who aren't restrained
  • Fixed a bug that allowed any police officer to buy supervisor skinned vehicles
  • Fixed a bug that allowed bounty hunters to buy police hellcats
  • Fixed a bug that caused stuff dropped on the ground to get cleaned up by the cleanup script too fast
  • Fixed a bug that cause Y inventory to never get cleaned up
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to text the police while restrained, downed etc.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-undercover cops to pull Hemtts from their garage
  • Fixed a dupe related to the clothing shop
  • Fixed a bug that prevented people from unlearning the "Assassin", "Intimidator", and "Outlaw" Infamy talents
  • The Infamy menu will now show you the amount of infamy you have
  • The "Master Outlaw" Infamy talent actually works now
  • Moved the location of the Zaros vehicle spawn so helicopters don't get blown up
  • EMT Equipment Shops at rebel outposts and Police HQs, which served no purpose, have been removed
  • You will now get infamy for crafting stuff at the black market
  • House purchase menu will now display the amount of crates the house can hold
  • You are now able to put a crate in a 40k house regardless of the community goals level
  • You are now able to pull up the house menu while in a vehicle
  • Group cap removed
  • Money cap removed
  • The Mk200 no longer has unlimited stock
  • Hydrogen and Phosphorus are no longer purchasable from the market
  • Meth, Oil, and Diamonds are now 10% more valuable
  • Removed the last of A2Net and is now removed as a loaded mod on the server
  • Physical server setup has been adjusted to hopefully allow for less intervention by staff to restart the server during certain events/crashes
  • Improved some cheat detection server-side

Patch Notes 8.2.3

<December 10 2018>

  • Y inventory should no longer fall through buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to get into vehicles while their hands are up or while they are repairing.
  • Fixed an exploit related to parole.
  • Lieutenants & Captains now spawn with IR lasers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Add IR Laser (Lethal)" action for Lieutenants and Captains to delete their IR laser if they don't have a primary weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to lockpick vehicles while inside of a vehicle.
  • The Sync button on the phone will now fix the Arma naked bug in addition to syncing player data.
  • Players can no longer sync their location while inside of the Federal Reserve.
  • Fixed an illegal gathering exploit.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed cops to restrain other cops.
  • Default gang rank upon joining a gang is now 4 down from 3.
  • Gank rank of 4 can no longer access gang house storage.

Patch Notes 8.2.2

<November 2 2018>

  • Added new MX/MXM variants for UC cops and Bounty Hunters (sorry no MXM for you)
  • Add some new construction hard hat colors to donor 6
  • Added police Supervisor SUV skin
  • Fixed an exploit related to chopping trees

Patch Notes 8.2.1

  • Group cap is increased to a base level of 20. Community goals can still increase this amount.
  • Infamy is now gained from war kills.
  • Money cap has been increased at all levels: 1M, 2M, 3.5M, 11M, and none - up from 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 6M, none.
  • The meth lab will now always be on the east side of the map.
  • Server 3 will remain up provided there are 100 players online across all servers.

Patch Notes 8.2.0

Sometimes sending someone to jail just doesn't make you feel good. Sometimes you really want revenge. Sometimes someone just has to die...

Dead or Alive

Rebels on the island of Altis have decided to band together and set up an illicit murder for hire racket. Players can now place bounties to have other players killed by visiting a rebel outpost. Rebels have the ability to level up as an Assassin which will allow them to track players faster and more accurately, as well as to ensure they get a larger cut of the assassination bounty. Only the best hitmen will become Master Assassins.

Other members of the island may not want to go out and kill people but instead may want to get discounts at rebel, sell their illegal items for more, and process drugs faster. If that sounds like you, then you should choose to become an Intimidator. The Intimidator will receive discounts on items and vehicles at rebel shops. Drug dealers will pay more for their goods since you've got the good s*#t. You'll also be able to make those drugs faster. The Master Intimidator even gets a discount from the APD on their bounty.

Finally, maybe you feel more like an Outlaw. Outlaws can lockpick cars faster. They get more money when robbing gas stations. They even have special medical talents to allow them to the blood bag, splint, and defib players faster. If you can become a Master Outlaw, then you will even have access to a full medical shop at the rebel outposts.

  • Players with a Rebel license now have access to the Infamy skill trees
  • Three Infamy skill trees have been added: Assassin, Intimidator, and Outlaw
  • Players can now place kill bounties on other players inside the community.
  • Kill bounties are taken and redeemed at Rebel Outposts.
  • Players killing other players with a kill bounty on their head must still follow all RP rules of the server.
  • The subtrees of Assassin allow for a smaller tracking radius, faster re-track times, and getting more of the bounty
  • When you kill a player with a bounty on their head, they will drop a "scalp" virtual item that must be turned in at the rebel outpost in order to collect the bounty.
  • To track a player kill bounty, simply enter the circle and the location will update without scroll wheeling - provided you are not in a vehicle.
  • Collected scalps can be stolen from other players by killing them (again, RP rules apply).
  • The subtrees of Intimidator grant discounts at rebel outposts, increase in sale prices of illegal items (drugs and gold bars), and faster processing of drugs.
  • The subtrees of Outlaw allow you to lockpick faster, get more from gas station robberies, and medical perks.
  • Experience for Infamy is earned by turning in scalps, selling gold bars after robbing the fed, robbing the bank, prison breaks, gas station robberies, chopping vehicles, and selling drugs.

There are other under the hood performance tweaks and bug fixes as well, but I'm not going to list all of those out.

Hot Fix #1:

  • Fixed a derp

Hot Fix #2:

  • Fixed a minor exploit related to infamy gain.
  • Capturing a cartel now awards some infamy.

Hot Fix #3:

  • Fixed a bug preventing gold bar sales from giving infamy
  • Drug runner missions now give infamy
  • Also fixed an apparently long-standing bug related to goldbar pricing when you own the turf that increases the sale price

Patch Notes 8.1.7

We are releasing the first patch that @Poseidon has been working on. There are several performance tweaks in the patch. Let's see how it runs. I'll put more notes up later, but for tonight we're just going to get this thing out there.

Patch Notes 8.1.6

There are some database tweaks that have to happen before I deploy this, so it's likely to happen tomorrow AM. This is again mainly a performance tweaking patch, but it had a few other things in it as well. We had to finish testing all of these before we could begin working on the rebel talent tree - but that should be the next actual patch you see (minus hotfixes as necessary to this patch).

That being said, here are the patch notes:

  • The winning gang from the most recent gang wars has received a special in game title (it's colored too)
  • APD Prowlers now have cop lights
  • Gangs that hold Zaros will now receive 10% more money when selling gold bars and banded bank notes when robbing the Bank of Altis
  • Achievements should save more reliably now (are you Prestigious?)
  • Re-wrote how gang members are tallied at server startup. This should reduce server restart time by a considerable amount.
  • Spikestrips shouldn't fly into the sky now. Deploying them will have a 1 second delay (with no progress bar though).
  • SWAT has been disabled pending the system being heavily optimized
  • Shanks should work as intended
  • Storing vehicles in your garage when you have a blown up vehicle near the garage will now actually store your good vehicle (while ignoring the blown up vehicle)
  • The last bits of Arma2Net have been removed from DB queries
  • Many, many performance tweaks
  • If your prestige or honor are maxed out, you will now just be told it is maximized when you earn more
  • Fixed several exploits and bugs

Hot Fix 1:

  • Hotfix deployed to fix some issues with crates.
  • Also, only LT+ will now have the IR Lasers / scrollwheel options for them.

Hot Fix 2:

  • Doing a quick server side only fix this AM (as well as some server performance tweaks). We're going to try out a hard restart each time to see if that helps more with server FPS.
  • See, I do listen to polls (sometimes)...

Patch Notes 8.1.5

First off - this is not a content patch (at least not really). This patch is ~150 performance tweaks to the server and client mission files. We've touched a ton of things, and done as much testing as we can. I hope that nothing will be broken as we roll this out, but if there are issues we will address them as quickly as we can. I get that performance tweaks aren't as much fun as new content, but these are things that we need to do as we continue to try to improve performance of the mission.

With that being said, here are the patch notes:

  • A lot of performance tweaks to both the client and server (they are mainly on the server side)
  • Cop hummingbirds are somewhat more expensive now. This is to prevent an exploit that we can easily see, but would rather just not have as an option.
  • The bank has received a slight balance tweak.
  • Prison timers should be more reliable now.
  • House sales should be more reliable now.
  • Undercover APD LT+ ranked members will find more weapons to choose from in the APD weapon shop.
  • Fixed several exploits related to gathering materials.
  • The APD now has an "Enter as Gunner" option on certain vehicles.
  • Several other bug and exploit fixes.

I may add a few additional items to the list that I've missed, so check back.

Edit: The servers will be down for roughly 20 minutes while I do this patch. There is something else on the backend that has to happen as well.

Patch Notes 8.1.4

This patch is a few Quality of Life things for Rebels (well mainly one). There are a few other items as well:

  • You may now move your gang house. The gang leader initiates the move by going to the gang house and accessing the move menu under the House Menu. The gang house is able to be moved to another home the gang leader already owns. All things tied to the gang will move properly, but the crates will not magically "poof" to the new building.
  • Player housing in cities is no longer in god mode if it is close to the city center.
  • Players should no longer fall out of vehicles when they are downed/killed.
  • Listing your house for $0 will take the house off of the market.
  • Players may no longer use the Asylum Exchange as unlimited storage.
  • You can turn off ambient sounds in the phone settings now.

Finally, we added two new vehicles to the game. They are both considered illegal vehicles, and may be purchased at the rebel outposts.

Hotfix 1:

  • Armed vehicles should store and pull with ammo now.
  • North Rebel finally found it's bottle of Round Up.
  • Fixed a few exploits.
  • Performance improvements.

Hotfix 2:

  • Altis Landscape Company has finished spraying Round Up in the bank area.
  • Fixed a long standing bug with the calculation of item prices. The price you see should now accurately depict the price you will pay for items. There may be one bug left here, but it's a fairly small one.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • Almost forgot, APD UAVs will no longer clean up.

Patch Notes 8.1.3

Today we are releasing a new crate: Aggressor. This crate is exclusively vehicle skins - mainly Ifrits in many colors with some higher end skins in the blue and purple range. Here are the new skins coming into the game today:

Thank you very much to @Gen. Henry Arnold for the skins in this pack.

Additional items in this patch:

  • APD Corporal+ members can now buy APD (and UC) Prowlers. Make sure to follow the APD guidelines for their use!
  • APD now have more hat choices
  • You can not form a gang from a house that is for sale on the market
  • Drilling oil will now properly fill the inventory of a vehicle at maximum levels

Hotfix 1:

  • UC cops can now buy a wide array of civilian vehicles. These include civilian offroads, vans, hunters, orcas etc. Rank requirements are the same for UC vehicles as their normal APD variants.
  • UC cops can now buy vehicles skins found in loot crates if they have them unlocked. I believe all the vans, orcas, etc should show up for you now if you have them unlocked on your account.
  • The rotorlib requirement for the Taru has been removed.
  • Vehicles with processed and unprocessed oil are too heavy to sling load.
  • Governor pardons should not just auto-happen now, but instead should require your consent.
  • Also, we checked into the jail issues related to paying bail etc. Each time we tested it on live last night we were let out of jail. We tested the "soft log" exploit as well, but were unable to reproduce it. If you are able to reproduce either of these bugs please send in a bug report and tag @Gnashes or me here.

Patch Notes 8.1.2

  • The Bank of Altis has decided to relocate itself to the peninsula location, but has (for now) decided not to move back to the gold standard.
  • Cocaine and heroin can now be gathered by scroll wheel. Cocaine is still able to be gathered in the pit as well.
  • The prices of cocaine and heroin have both been increased by 10%.
  • The secondary meth lab location has been moved (back) to Koroni.
  • Fees for placing items on the Asylum Exchange have been temporarily removed.
  • Suicide vests may now be activated by user action 15.
  • Purchasing houses has been disabled on server 2.
  • Protest signs have been removed.
  • Eating a red burger will now have the proper effect.
  • Fixed a bug related to LTs being unable to unlock gang houses.
  • The primary weapon check in the weapon shop should work better.
  • Anyone who has helmets they should not have should go ahead and delete those from their storage (sooner rather than later). Keeping those helmets may prevent your storage from spawning properly in the near future.
  • Normalized some housing prices.
  • Certain weapons have had their prices lowered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player being revived to respawn in the hospital
  • The Government of Altis is now paying up to $175k for arrests made by officers and citizens.
  • Increased the arrest cap by $25k.

Hotfix 1:

  • S2 should remain online until the end of the month now following this hotfix
  • The group cap should always remain at 15 as intended
  • You should be able to move around a touch more as a prisoner now
  • People doing prison breaks should be less likely to TP when running close to the walls now

Patch Notes 8.1.1

Altis Lumber is open for business

Seeing an opportunity to get bigger and harder wood, the Altis Lumber corporation has setup two lumber mills to process wood into planks (which have higher resale value). Once you have processed your wood into planks you can sell them to a Commodities Trader. Altis Lumber hopes that everyone will take this new opportunity to get wood on Asylum. Remember their motto: The harder the wood, the higher the value!

Additional items in this patch:

  • Players who disconnect while downed or restrained will now spawn a bag on the ground that can be sent to jail by the Police or any bounty hunter who has their bounty before the disconnect happened. Go to the bag, and scroll wheel to send combat logging d-bags to jail.
  • The seizure of illegal items by the APD has been optimized. Also, zipties are no longer able to be seized by the APD.
  • Bounty hunters participating in the Skip Tracer game system now receive a message when they arrest someone to show them how much honor they made for the arrest.
  • Governor messages have been limited to 250 characters.
  • If you already have a primary weapon equipped, and attempt to purchase another one, you will receive a message instead of automatically replacing your current weapon.
  • The clothing system has been rewritten to more properly display custom skins (and to be much more efficient).
  • You may no longer rapidly pull vehicles from the garage.
  • APD officers who have been downed while in a vehicle can now be removed from the vehicle by players.
  • Medics will receive more money for the service of reviving you now ($1,500).
  • Parole has been optimized and should be more reliable.
  • The wanted list should now always show the proper name for a player who is wanted.
  • Bounty Hunters: The "Enter Vehicle as Bounty Hunter" option will now only show if there is a restrained player in the vehicle.
  • You can no longer capture a cartel with an SDAR (sorry fam, go get a real gun).
  • The Community Goal discount for unlimited items should now apply properly.
  • The APD opened a picnic area at Air HQ. Bring your boyfriend over and have a nice relaxing meal.
  • Various backend performance fixes.

Finally, the wanted system has been completely rewritten for optimization. This should reduce network traffic a ton when loading the wanted list. The other added benefit is that the theoretical maximum bounty is going to be much, much higher now. Who can get it up the highest? I guess only time will tell...

Hotfix 1

  • Bug fixes for jailing issues

Hotfix 2

  • Medics can now buy hatchback sport medic vehicles
  • More "weapons" were removed from the primary weapon check Skin added for CL bodybag.

Edit: Thanks @Gen. Henry Arnold for the skins!

Patch Notes 8.1.0

Altis has decided to open up the mainland to oil drilling. There are marked areas where permits for drilling oil have been issued to all citizens of the island - provide you have the correct licensing. For those of you just starting out on the island, you can grab a pickaxe and scrape the surface for what little oil you can find. For those that are more established citizens several new vehicles for drilling oil have been delivered to the island. Drilling with a vehicle will be faster than drilling by hand, but the vehicle will not be able to be moved until you retract the drill.

Altis has also decided that the oil rig was too far offshore to be effectively used by it's citizens. Much to the dismay of citizens with bayfront property, the oil rig has been moved into Kalithea Bay. The governement was hoping to entice citizens to work on the oil rig more with this move, but unfortunately a criminal element has moved in instead. Through a series of what can only be described as corruption worthy of current events in the west, a new breed of oil cartel has taken over the island. Gone are the days when the oil cartel only cared about taking rubber from our citizens and they now instead demand a cut of the profits from everyone who is not a member that processes oil. Further, from time to time they establish a stronghold on the oil rig as a display of their dominance.

  • You can now drill for oil either by gathering (requires a pickaxe), or with new vehicles, by going to an oil field.
  • In order to use the new vehicles to drill for oil, you must have an oil processing license.
  • The new vehicles' trunks are made only for oil and oil accessories. Most items will not fit into them.
  • You can purchase an oil processing license in town or at the oil processors throughout the map.
  • Unprocessed oil may be processed at an oil processor.
  • Barrels of oil are still processed in the same location. Look for "Oil Barrel Processing" on the map.
  • The oil rig has been moved to be much closer to land.
  • The oil rig will sometimes be the oil cartel.
  • The oil cartel generates cash into the gang bank of the gang holding the cartel now instead of rubber.
  • When your gang captures a cartel, that cartel may not be captured for 20 minutes now (up from 15).
  • Dive shop added to Kalithea Bay boat shop area and North Rebel base.
  • When someone goes on parole, any bounty hunters with that mission should stop tracking that target.
  • Lumber now sells for significantly more money.
  • Chopping a tree now only requires an axe to be in your virtual inventory
  • Lockpicking handcuffs should now properly appear on your scrollwheel
  • Additional optimizations and other miscellaneous tweaks.

Note: The oil cartel can not be captured by players in the water. You must be on at least the main level in order to capture the cartel. If you are on a dock near the water, then you will not be able to capture the cartel.

Hotfix 1:

  • The potential amount of rubber given from processing barrels of oil has been increased.
  • A few other miscellaneous tweaks.

Hotfix 2:

  • Moved 2 of the 3 Oil Field / Hydrogen Sulfate mine spawns. The Kavala one is down the hill a touch now making it easier to reach, and the one near the free fire zone has been wholly re-located to address concerns related to it's placement.
  • The APD has reinforced the walls at Athira HQ.
  • The APD has removed some rocks and a gate at the HW patrol HQ.
  • Governor pardons should now require you to confirm that you want the pardon as expected.
  • The respawn labeled "Donor" now correctly displays Therisa.
  • The township of Therisa has voted to not allow timber to be gathered inside its city limits (like all other spawn towns).
  • Vehicles with 0 fuel will now receive enough fuel to reach a gas station when pulled from the garage.
  • Cartels will now be unavailable to be captured for 30 minutes. More on this in a footnote below.
  • Several service side optimizations have been put in place as well.

Hotfix 3:

  • Timber is now on the market, but has a very high unit count before reductions kick in.
  • The price of timber has been slightly reduced.

Hotfix 4:

  • Helicopters should spawn toolkits if you are properly talented again
  • APD undercover officers can now retrieve fuel trucks from their garage
  • The APD helicopter talents for corporals and sergeant/LT are now properly ordered sequentially

Patch Notes 8.0.8

OK, I'm going to relent (temporarily) and test something out. Both of the main changes in this patch are temporary. We're going to see how it effects things and then react. With that being said:

  • Money from the cartel fridge(s) will now automatically deposit into the gang account of the gang who owns the cartel. This happens on an incremental basis (every 5 minutes), so you will still see money in the fridge (and can take it if it is there). The trade off here is that we are no longer generating money to go into the fridge. People have to sell drugs, turtles, scotch, etc to fill up Drug and Wong's. People have to buy things at Rebel to fill up Arms.
  • All proceeds from robbing the bank will now be Banded Bank Notes. No more gold bars from the bank. Banded Bank Notes introduce a time wait to deposit money from the bank, so the APD can still chase you down...
  • Exiting a vehicle should maintain your weapon fire rate (as it used to). This was a bug from the performance patch.
  • Additional performance enhancements. Minor things, but hey we're still working on that too.

Hotfix 1:

  • Y inventory should now drop to the ground where expected when someone dies in a vehicle.

Hotfix 2:

  • Increased the prison break combat radius
  • Increased the radius that prisoners can move around in the prison (get shanking boys)
  • Made a small map change at the prison to (hopefully) prevent an exploit

Hotfix 3:

  • Tweaked the prison radius again. Should solve both issues: not being able to create shanks and the inability to escape after a prison break.

Hotfix 4:

  • Vehicle locking and unlocking now works as expected.

Hotfix 5:

Crafting should now work more reliably.

Patch Notes 8.0.7

  • Various performance patches with a new developer

Patch Notes 8.0.6

A few more tweaks, but they were big enough to go ahead and make this a new version:

  • Robbing the Bank of Altis now gives you banded bank notes. There are dye packs in the notes preventing you from breaking them up into cash, but once that timer wears off the proceeds of the robbery can be deposited into any ATM.
  • Box trucks and crank labs will now have the appropriate inventory capacity.
  • The secondary bridge at the prison now is more fortified.
  • The secondary bridge at the prison no longer has a flickering effect.
  • You can now drop "unavailable" bounty hunter missions.
  • The damage handler has been tweaked to be much more efficient.
  • Servers 2 and 3 will now run with a lower overall population value.

Hot Fix 1

  • "Donor town" has moved ~500m NE to Therisa. All city services still exist in the new location, but now there are multiple spawn points inside the area.
  • One of the Black Market production areas has been relocated to Orino. This should make it easier to use the feature.
  • Cartel fridge containers will now save the dirty money contents through a restart.
  • Fixed a bug that should make the prison break mechanic more reliable now.
  • Box truck skins should work as intended.

Hot Fix 2

  • The wanted system has been re-written in game to be more optimized. We hope this will help with overall network traffic sent to and from the server to each client.
  • You should be able to execute players near the bank while it is being robbed
  • The ability to use protest signs are removed (for now)
  • A few other miscellaneous bug fixes

Let an admin/dev know if something seems off in the wanted system. We have made major changes to this system with this hotfix.

Hot Fix 3

  • Fixed error in the damage handler that caused undesired behavior with vehicle damage
  • Fixed various script errors that could be encountered while joining the mission
  • IR Laser behavior has now been reversed for police LT+. Off = Down, On = Kill
  • Various serverside optimizations

Patch Notes 8.0.5

A quick update to address a few quality of life items on the rebel side:

  • The federal reserve has been reinforced with razor wire on top of most areas of the sandbags.
  • The Bank of Altis has moved back to Pyrgos.
  • The price of gold bars has increased.
  • Orca crafting prices have been adjusted due to the change in Orca purchase price.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

Hot Fix 1

  • Changed the barbed wire at the federal reserve. Still a work in progress.
  • Changed the radius for the bank robbery charge to better fit the area in Pyrgos.
  • Added a marker to show the illegal area when the bank is being robbed in Pyrgos.
  • Patched a window at the bank.

Patch Notes 8.0.4

These notes are not overly huge, but there are a few things here that have been requested:

  • Orcas and Hellcats now cost less money.
  • The damage handler for Orcas has been removed. BIS has allowed glass to become damaged now, so we will see how this plays in a live environment.
  • The damage handler for RPGs has been removed. You pay $50k for an RPG rocket, we're going to treat it like a suicide vest in terms of boom potential (for now).
  • The custom damage handler for Vans has been removed since BIS tweaked how they handle damage in the Arma engine.
  • Putting a restrained player in a car should work better now.
  • You should be able to lockpick a player by scroll wheel now.
  • Added some additional backend logging to try to figure out why server restarts are less reliable with the current Arma patch.

We are working on some more major game enhancements in the background, but I wanted to drop a few things in tonight.

Hotfix 1:

  • Fix for lottery spam
  • Attempt to fix restart issues
  • Misc. bug fixes

Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed vehicle spawn at drug house cartel cap to not clip into terrain
  • Tweaked objects at prison in an attempt to enhance performance

Patch Notes 8.0.3

This patch is mostly civilian focused as it relates primarily to the Laws of War DLC for Arma 3 - which is mainly "civilian" in nature. There are a few other things in here as well though.

First, we are revamping the donor ranking system with this patch. Level 5 donors will become level 7 donors with this patch. Between level 4 and what used to be level 5 we are now adding levels 5 and 6. See the donation rewards page here for more information. All of the new in game perks are cosmetics (and mostly new vehicle skins for the DLC vans). Some of them are down at the lower levels as well - not just in the new tiers. I'll make another post in the announcements section related to the donation changes later, but it was worth mentioning here.

Now for the actual patch notes:

@Gen. Henry Arnold has become a full Contributor now, and he has been popping out skins like crazy. You may have seen them in various threads on the forums recently, but if not I think you'll like seeing them in game. These van skins are now available in game:

  • Rusted Van
  • Deranged Candy Man
  • A Team
  • News Van
  • Short Bus
  • Mystery Van
  • Paddy Wagon (for APD members of Corporal or higher rank. This is a non donor item)
  • He also added a News Chopper skin that is great as well. In addition, he created some signs for all the in town shops. I think he's doing a great job, and we really appreciate his contributions!

Also, we added a "Nice Job Man" shirt from @TNT. Thanks for that too!

This patch also includes loads of clothing and other items from the Laws of War DLC. Please remember that in order to drive the vans, you will need to OWN the DLC. That's not something we are restricting, but instead something on Bohemia's side.

Additional items in the patch:

  • Cash from your exchange mailbox will now be automatically claimed and added to your account when you join a server. No more going to Pyrgos for comps!
  • Your money will no longer be tainted after depositing all of your drug money
  • Money from drug sales that you transfer to another player will cause their money to become tainted with drugs
  • Gang members can no longer destroy the crates in the gang house. Only the gang leader can.
  • Exploit prevention for flipping vehicles
  • More weaponry is available to be crafted without the Arms Cartel! 7.62 users rejoice!
  • A Ship laden with Mk200's has wrecked off of the coast of Altis. Rebel suppliers have been seen flocking to the wreck site.

There may be one or two things I'm missing, but I think that's the bulk of it. I'll be updating donor ranks in the database while we push out the patch. Again thanks to @Gen. Henry Arnold for all the skins for this patch!

Hotfix 1:

  • Added police lights to the Paddy Wagon (thanks @Destrah)
  • Doner kabob again works as intended

Hotfix 2:

  • Taru bench added back into the game - no rotorlib required
  • Removed both Tarus and the MK200 from market effect pricing

Hotfix 3:

  • Carrier lites now in the Skiptracer shop
  • Minor combat logging protections
  • A few minor admin related fixes

Hotfix 4:

  • Donor town should stop flipping helicopters now

Patch Notes 8.0.2

  • Added new APD uniform and vehicle skins. Thanks @Vescio!
  • APD payouts are now split to a 2km radius from where the action happens.
  • Medics with the new DLC will get the new uniform
  • Duct tape now should spawn properly in the prison. Watch your back.

Hotfix 1:

  • Adjusted the damage handler on the Orca to require more hits to bring it down
  • Adjusted the damage handler of Laws of War DLC vans to make them less explosive
  • You may no longer wear the Carryall backpack with Pilot Coveralls

Patch Notes 8.0.1

  • Added the medic van for medics to purchase. You have to OWN the new DLC in order to get into the driver's seat of the medic van.
  • Medics should be able to hold binoculars now.
  • Updated group cap to 14.
  • Removed East Arms from the Arms Dealer Cartel rotation
  • Removed Cocaine Castle and Ghost Hotel from the Drug Cartel rotation.
  • Added back the secondary Drug Cartel location on the peninsula near the original location.
  • Spawning into an active turf should not be possible now. Let me know if people are able to work around this please.
  • The phone is now black again.
  • The War Rating season is being reset and will begin again. The new time period will be either 1 or 2 months (which will be decided shortly).

Patch Notes 8.0

  • The map felt stale to me, so the 8 chain will include lots of map changes going forward. First off, the major illegal areas (heroin, cocaine, and meth) will all rotate going forward. While the original positions are still included, there are alternate locations for all of these activities. That means gathering and processing can and will happen in different locations at random on each restart (kind of like cartels). Each drug has two spots for now, and gathering and processing locations have been chosen to have similar round trip times to what they are currently. This means that all three of drug locations could end up on the west or east side of Altis in a given server restart. I hope you'll enjoy the new locations, and I also hope you'll enjoy a chance to rob people again as they try the new spots out.
  • Another thing that I have always felt we were lacking was the ability to manufacture drugs in other remote locations of the map, so we are introducing the mobile meth (crank) lab. Crank is a new illegal item added into the game that is manufactured via an RV that is purchasable at Rick's RV shop in Sofia, as well as both chop shops. Crank is made of all the same ingredients as meth, but is not quite as potent - and therefore not worth quite as much. Take your ingredients and RV to a remote location, and do your best Walter and Jessie impression. Be aware though that processing crank has risks - your RV will send smoke into the air, and the smoke means that you can be killed by the rival drug lords on the island. The RV has a slightly larger trunk than a box truck, so while RVs can certainly be used to manufacture crank - it doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle is being used for illegal activities. Make sure to thank @Phantom Viper for doing the skin for the new RV!
  • The Altis government finally got funding to build a second bridge to the island near Pyrgos, and with that they have decided to move the prison back to that island.
  • APD officers, are you tired of the light system you have on your cars? If so, you'll be happy to know that the APD has upgraded it's light system substantially. Thank Lt. @Destrah for helping the government find the funding to get new lights! (Note: press Tab while driving to bring up the new light controls)
  • The Asylum Exchange has been brought back. Since this doesn't seem to be the cause of the BE kicks, and the game server is now 64-bit - we will give this another shot.
  • Bounties will be persistent going forward. Bounty hunters will have the ability to drop a bounty every 5 minutes.
  • Spike strips can now be instantly deployed via the hotkey. The scroll wheel option has been disabled as a result. Additionally, spike strips can be thrown from a vehicle, which will result in the spike strip being placed behind your vehicle.
  • Multi-color Smokes/Chemlights in cop shops
  • Fixed redburger talent
  • Binocs now properly show UC names
  • Added a boat shop and garage to DP10
  • Various bug and exploit fixes

Hotfix 1:

  • Starting up the lab on an RV will now allow you to process and access trunks and crates without having to soft log etc.
  • Chem lights should be available for both cops and civs now

Hotfix 1a:

  • Fixed a few exploits related to crank
  • Crank can no longer be cooked inside industrial sheds

Hotfix 2:

  • Exploit fixes related to crank production
  • SWAT spawn points changed for new prison location
  • Destrah made a few additional tweaks to cop lights

Hotfix 3:

  • Weed should now spawn and be able to be gathered again (oops)
  • Fixed additional exploits in the crank system

Hotfix 4:

  • Additional crank exploit fixes
  • The crank lab now persists through restarts as a crank lab (and not a box truck)

Hotfix 5:

  • The Strife server has been brought back online.
  • Server driven events will fire on the Altis islands drafting you to war in Strife on Tanoa. Go play Strife for 15 minutes or more, and you will receive $20,000 in bonus pay.
  • Level 4 donors may now purchase and wear the Wetsuit [CSAT].

Patch Notes 7.11.0

-The Servers are now utilizing the new 64 bit server executable. This may result in unforeseen issues due to significant backend changes. If you find anything that's not working as it should, please report it in the appropriate forum.

  • Drug Runner missions now require you to have $15,000 before they will loan you the plane.
  • Fix for "time until next track" for Bounty Hunters.
  • Potential fix for the UC MRCO not being able to be added to weapons.
  • Fixed multiple doors on Tanoa which were locked shut.
  • Additional Altis map fixes.
  • #911 no longer cuts off the last character of your message
  • The Forecast link in the phone now takes you to an actual website
  • Some NPCs have regained their place over their signs.
  • Earthquakes return! We found the golem responsible, and he has been sacked.

Hotfix #1:

  • Backpacks (but not their contents) will now save in crates!
  • The garage should no longer improperly refill the fuel in your vehicles.
  • Selling a house will now immediately remove the marker from your map.
  • Being kicked out of, or leaving a gang will now immediately remove your access to the gang house (as well as remove the map marker).
  • The APD has recently seized a freighter bound for Rebel, Undercover officers will now have a wider variety of default gear to draw from.
  • Fixed various exploits
  • Fixed more map issues.

Hotfix #2:

  • Potential fix for civilian restraints not working on downed players
  • UC default loadouts are now Apex-Ownership sensitive
  • Police can add possession of marijuana while weed is legal once again!
  • Various Exploit Fixes
  • Potential "blindfolded players cannot see names" fix

Hotfix #3:

  • "Locate Homes for Sale" now works as intended
  • Aggression System Re-Enabled
  • Fixed bug relating to drug runners requiring 15k at every point of the run.
  • Fixed bug in which cops would sometimes not return to the group after being unblindfolded
  • Removed turn signal scrollwheel options. Use Q and E to turn on the turn signals
  • Tweaked cash requirements for crafting certain vehicles
  • The Chopshop is now market sensitive! Vehicles that are in high demand will sell for more, while vehicles that are plentiful will sell for less
  • Fixed some gas pumps' ability to auto-refuel on Altis
  • Fixed bug relating to maps/GPSs not properly being removed when blindfolded

Hotfix #4:

  • Pardoning will no longer forgive parole. Instead, it will simply remove any parole violation charges.
  • Fixed bug preventing cops from rejoining the cop group after being blindfolded.
  • Fixed bug relating to drug runner abandonments.
  • Fixed bug in which LTs using JSRS may lose an equipped MK1.
  • Sell Prices in Factory UI will now be accurate.
  • Market reduction for vehicles and weapons will be much less aggressive. Automatic reduction will now end before the vehicle goes into demand. I also gave several items a small kickstart for quantity as an apology for the last * week or two.
  • Restart Timer on the phone will now be closer to accurate. It's impossible to be 100% accurate, however.
  • Undercover officers can now purchase an assortment of Rebel 5.56, 9mm, and .45 weaponry, as well as Kart Shop items.
  • Quadbikes will now actually be free to remove from the garage.

Hotfix #5

  • Fixed several back-end bugs which could cause players to be stuck at "receiving player information" for extended periods of time.
  • Added pistol flashlight to cop and civ stores
  • Lockpicks should less often lie when informing you of a successful attempt.
  • No more "custom texture for clothing not found" messages

Hotfix #6

  • Removed Drug Slots, added an extra Undercover slot (5 Warrant, 4 Medic, 4 Undercover)
  • Crates will now properly calculate the weight they should be when shown.
  • Several actions will now be restricted near (< 3 minutes from) server restarts (think anything involving buying/selling/trading/giving)
  • Crates which are toggled shown will be properly deleted when a house is purchased
  • Cops can no longer siren in parachutes
  • When a gang is disbanded, all gang members will instantly lose access to the gang house
  • Added some backend checks to ensure any potential gang/gang members are removed from a house when it is purchased (mostly happened when home was removed due to 90 day timer)
  • Various exploit fixes

Hotfix #7

  • Balanced pricing of various items from lootcrates and/or their free equivalent to match
  • Fix for Police Y Inventory weight resetting upon death
  • Potential fix for issue when placing a downed person into a vehicle
  • Various exploit fixes
  • Treasure Maps will no longer be found through mining, excavating, or fishing. Instead, a rare chance to find treasure itself has been added
  • Fixed the broken weather forecast link
  • If you try to join with a name that has no discernible Latin pronunciation, you will be forced to change your name prior to connecting

Hotfix #8:

  • Suicide vests now need cash on hand to be purchased
  • Cops killing SWAT will no longer give the cop a bounty
  • Better notification that you have items waiting in your Exchange Mailbox
  • Reversed the ATM Menu auto-close when performing transactions.
  • Fixed an exploit involving the clothing store
  • Cops may no longer pardon others when their hands are restrained or above their head.

Hotfix #9:

  • Fix for siren volume/distance. Let us know how these new sirens work, we may need to tweak the distance a touch one direction or another.
  • .50's will now properly always reload 4 magazines from a vehicle reload. For now, you'll have to exit the vehicle and re-enter it *after reloading due to an Arma bug I have yet to find a workaround for.
  • Tweaked MK-1 and AK12 pricing to reflect the lessened effectiveness of the AK12.
  • Tweaked crafting prices of various weapons to match their Rebel store equivalents (some were wayyyy out of date)

Hotfix #10:

  • Phone calls which have not yet been answered should now end when you die
  • Added Rooks & Flare Guns to UCs
  • #911 will not properly mark the map for police and allow for dispatches
  • Removed Turn Signals for performance reasons
  • Fixed various exploits (seriously guys.... seriously?)
  • Police can no longer place checkpoint materials inside of HQ's.
  • You can no longer access the trunk of vehicle with your hands up.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent some houses from being listed properly
  • Crates which are destroyed will not be able to be toggled into existence until the next server restart.

Patch Notes 7.10.1


We have not put out a patch in a little bit, so I wanted to get something out today.  The biggest changes in the patch are:  

  • You can no longer stack the armor of CSAT clothing and carrier lite vests.  This is a game balance change that has been talked about for some time.  
  • The prison break mechanic should be much more reliable now.  I did several prison breaks with the admins on the dev server, and it seems to work fine.  I will find my guide to the prison and re-link it in this post in a bit.  
  • Pure cocaine and coca leaf weights have been synchronized and modified.  This is a game balance change that should make meth on Altis and pure cocaine on Tanoa equal in value.  

Additional items in this patch (in no particular order):  

  • Added APD charge for possession of explosives (for possession of RPGs and Speedbombs)
  • Crates should more reliably clear when selling a house
  • Cadets can use flashlights now
  • Turfs can not be capped from inside a vehicle (sorry to all you who liked to enjoy a Yeti of coffee in your Ifrit)
  • Tweaked how player housing shows up on the map
  • Drug dealers on Tanoa are no longer interested in your cocaine or meth from Altis (they have standards bro)
  • Trackers only persist for the side on which they were placed (sorry to all of you crooked cops)
  • White jet skis on Tanoa are no longer "Wonder Woman" themed
  • You can no longer restrain someone inside the jury room
  • Non ASCII characters will no longer sync to the DB for the player name, but your money and items will sync
  • Soft logging in jail will no longer artificially reduce your time
  • APD officers will be notified if you are on parole when they try to pardon you
  • Crafting 7.62 weapons of all types should require you to have the Marksman talent
  • Slightly altered the bolt cutting distance for gates at the Federal Reserve
  • Money received from drug dealers will have trace evidence on it now
  • Your gang name should properly clear when you leave a gang now
  • You can no longer interact with the chop shop while restrained (really?  that was a thing?)
  • Courthouse markers should now properly match the "Town Markers" opacity slider
  • Being hit by a vehicle will no longer trigger the aggression system
  • Your Gang/Group will no longer be invited to your jury trial
  • The basic VR suit should be more reliable
  • You can no longer pull players out of a vehicle while you are in a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue related to how SWAT ends
  • Death row fixes (come on governors, flip the switch)
  • Mechanics related to the APD seizing items from a boat have been fixed
  • General store added to Skiptracer bases
  • Weapons that you aren't talented for will drop on the ground now instead of vanishing (like Carrier Lights do when you have on CSAT)

Thanks to both Gnashes and Speed for their work on the patch!

Hotfix 1:

  • Fixed issue with the clothing shop

Hotfix 2:

  • Governors can get money from their bank account
  • Gang members (of sufficient rank) are again able to remove money from the gang bank account
  • Upon a successful prison break, you have 60 seconds to leave the inside of the prison before being locked in
  • During a prison break, the area you must stay within now shows properly
  • Maximum jail time should be 45 minutes if you are not arrested at the Skiptracer base by an Apex Predator BH - it will be 60 minutes if you are though