Organ Harvesting

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Harvesting organs is a quick way of earning fast cash, that can be done to other players.


In order for you to be able to harvest organs, certain requirements need to be met first

  1. Skinning Knife
  2. Campfire Kit (Optional)
  3. Asylum Player(s)

All of those items, except the player, can be bought at any Market.


In order for you to be able to harvest organs, you need to be OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS. Harvesting organs in Kavala Square is not going to work.

Player campfire.png

A player needs to be dead before being able to harvest organs. You get a scroll-wheel option when aiming at the dead player for harvesting.

For each person you harvest organs from, a skinning knife gets consumed.


A Campfire Kit is optional but needed for making cooked human organs. Making cooked human organs require you to have human organs in your inventory, where you scroll-wheel on the Campfire Kit to cook the organs.

Cooked human organs sell for more than uncooked.

Cooking organs.png

Note that cooking human organs sends a scent through the air, that can alert nearby players/police!

Cooking scent.png


Human organs can be sold at Wong's Food & Liquor.

  • Human Organs: 3,300$
  • Cooked Human Organs: 8,000$

A Wong's cartel cut of 800$ pr. human organ sold is deducted.

Additional Information

  • A bounty of 4000$ is put on you, for each person you harvest organs from.
  • You can only harvest organs from players every 15 minutes.