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As of patch 8.1.0, you have 2 options to run oil. The normal way of using the oil rig, and a new way involving fuel trucks to drill for oil on land.


To begin your career as a oil runner there are a few items you must obtain.

  • Boat: To be able to collect oil you will need a vessel to be able to carry the oil barrels from the oil rig to the oil processing platform. You can purchase a boat from any boat shop. There is one situated south west of the oil rig on the shore line.

or optionally a

  • Fuel Truck: To drill for oil on land, you must purchase a fuel truck from any of the truck shops on Altis. Your options are the Box Truck, Zamak, and HEMTT variants of fuel trucks.


The following talents and licenses are required to collect/process oil.

  • Oil Runner - Faster gathering of oil and increased rubber yield.
  • Oil Processing License: $1,000


Oil Running (Ocean)

Below outlines the steps to run oil from the oil rig on Asylum.


The Oil Rig is one of the potential locations for the often contested Oil Cartel. When Oil Cartel is at the Oil Rig, it is an RDM zone. But if the Oil Cartel is NOT on the Oil Rig, than it is NOT an RDM zone. Check the map to see if the Oil Cartel is on the Oil Rig before starting your oil run.

  1. Purchase or pull out your boat from the boat garage.
  2. Drive your boat to the oil rig a more up. It's important to look at your boat speed and make sure it is zero before exiting or you might find your boat begins to drift out to sea.
  3. Once out you can then climb the ladder up to the top deck of the oil rig and head to the Oil processing machine.
  4. Using your scroll wheel you can begin pumping Oil. Once an oil barrel appears you can scroll wheel again with the action menu and pick it up
  5. Walk the barrel over to you boat and place it inside this is again done with the scroll wheel.
  6. Jump in your boat and head for the Oil Processor.
  7. Dock your boat once again you then follow the same procedure for taking the barrel out as you would placing it in.
  8. Walk over to the processor and you can processor your oil in both Processed Oil and Rubber. Both very useful resources especially when crafting vehicles.

Note: This is the only way to obtain rubber

Oil Running (land)

Below outlines the steps to drill oil on land on Asylum.

NOTE: Make sure you have purchased the oil processing licsence before drilling!

  1. Purchase or pull out your fuel truck from the truck garage.
  2. Drive to any of the locations marked Oil Field/Hydrogen Sulfate.
  3. Using the scroll wheel, set up your oil pump.
  4. Using the scroll wheel again, drill for oil!
  5. Drive to the nearest Oil Processing plant, and begin processing.
  6. Drive to the Oil Trader and exchange your product for money.
  7. Deposit your cash on hand to the nearest ATM.

Note: You will not be able to produce rubber using this method

Additional Info

  • Careful, occasionally the oil cartel will bring itself to the oil rig, where dangerous fights will occur. Use the land oil wells instead.
  • If you have a friend to help you speed up your oil runs, have him sling load your boat. A Hellcat or Orca is required to do this.
  • Running out of space? If you go to the general store you can purchase a tent. This is temporary storage allowing you to store more in between your oil runs. Remember though. tents will disappear after restarts and if not hidden well can be looted.
  • If you are in a gang and own the Oil Cartel you will get more rubber when processing. If you do not own the cartel, a small portion of your rubber will be taken and placed in the Oil Cartel.
  • Avoid running oil with a bounty, as it is easy for police and bounty hunters to capture you out in the open.

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