Mining and Refining Guide

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Mining is a very easy Legal way to make money. With an extremely low investment you can have a very profitable payout if done properly.


  • Pickaxe (50$) - Obtained at the Market
  • Carryall Backpack (200$) - Obtained at the Clothing Store
  • NV Goggles (100$) - Obtained at the General Store
  • Any Vehicle preferably a Truck or Offroad, using these will reduce the risk of being robbed while still maintaining good enough trunk capacity to make profit.



  • Major Miner - Improved chance of getting something valuable while mining.
    • Brawny - Increased speed at which you mine.
      • Ore Specialist - Increased chance of finding metal ores while mining
      • Gem Specialist - Increased chance of finding precious gems while gathering.


  • Sand Processing (700$)
  • Copper Processing(600$)
  • Iron Processing (950$)
  • Diamond Processing (3500$)


  1. Spawn & Gear Up
    Choose your preferred city, many people recommend Kavala or Athira. After that, obtain the required gear listed above.
  2. DMV
    Go to the DMV and buy/pull a vehicle. While any vehicle will work, keep in mind the truck capacity and the risk of driving that vehicle.
  3. To the Quarry
    Chose which Quarry you want to go to. The High Yield Quarries, North of Rodopoli, and South of Agios Dionyisos are most profitable, but also where most people will be mining. Regular Quarries are less profitable but less likely to be occupied. Once you have arrived you can use the scroll wheel to select Mine Quarry, following that you will be prompted with a message saying "you have collected____". Once your inventory is full you should receive a message saying mining complete. Proceed to take the minerals you gathered and put them in the trunk of your car.
    (you can access the trunk of your car by pressing "T")
  4. To the Mineral Processing
    Once you have arrived at the Mineral Processing you can use the scroll wheel on the sign and select "process ___ ".
    (Keep in mind that if you do not have the required licenses there will be a small fee for processing each mineral.)
  5. Time to sell
    You can sell your final product at 2 locations.
Commodity trader
  • Copper Ingot (37$)
  • Iron Ingot (200$)
  • Glass (180$)
Jewelry Store
  • Diamond Cut (390$)
  • Flawless Diamond (1400$)


This video will go into depth on how to make the most money by mining.