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LSD production is a high risk, high reward money making method.


  • Backpack: - You may wish to purchase a backpack to maximize the amount of drugs you can manufacture and process.
  • Vehicle: - In order to do LSD runs you will need a vehicle to store your drugs inside.


  • House - A house can be used to store the drugs, and idly process the pills into sheets.
  • Lead Container House Upgrade - Required to idly process your pills into sheets. Also allows storing any amount of weapon grade uranium.


The following talents can also be added to help you out whilst Heroin running.

  • Unrestricted License - Ability to buy luxury class vehicles.
    • Commercial License - Ability to buy large cargo trucks.
  • Meth/LSD Cook - Process LSD without any losses.


  1. Grab a backpack and vehicle of your choice.
  2. Drive to the Dark Fungi Den located in the North West of Altis.
  3. Take your Dark Fungi and travel to the LSD Sheet factory, located North East of the den.
  4. Make sure you have the talent for LSD, and process your Dark Fungi into LSD pills.
  5. At this stage, optionally:
    1. Sell the LSD pills to any drug dealer
    2. Using your house and lead container, idly process the LSD pills into sheets, increasing profits.
  6. Sell your drugs to any drug dealer and deposit your cash to an ATM.

Additional Info

  • Beware of gathering at the Dark Fungi Den, it is very easy to be ambushed at the entrance.
  • Drugs can be sold at turf dealers now, but you will be taxed if you are not the owner.

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