Jewelry Emporium

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Jewelry Emporium

  • The Jewelry Emporium is a federal event which requires 4 Cops online to begin.
  • It is a tough event and only suggested for large experienced gangs

It is located in the town of Paros North of Pyrgos

Jewelry Map

Starting the Event

1.To start the event you go to the emporium and place a diamond tip drill on the door to the Emporium

2.After 5 minutes you then enter the emporium and use crowbars to break into the crates and gather the trophies

3.You then load the trophies in the crane

4. After 10 minutes and the trophies are collected you use a plasma cutter to crack the safe to get the last bag of jewels!

5. After the loot is loaded in the crane a Qilin Minigun will spawn in for you to drive away with.

6. (Seling) You sell the loot at the African Warlord South of Oil Rig