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The Internal Affairs Department is the APD's disciplinary system. APD discipline is conducted on a cumulative point system.

  • When an officer reaches the demotion point threshold, they may be demoted temporarily at the APD staff's discretion.
  • If the point total exceeds the demotion threshold, they may be removed from the APD.
  • Point totals accumulate over time and will dissipate by 1 point per month.
  • For 17 year old officers, points are doubled. If the officer is 16 or younger, points are quadrupled.
  • Officers 16 and younger are not able to receive a rank higher than Constable.

Applicants to the APD must currently have no more than 2 points.

Sergeants cannot act on APD actions if the Sergeant is on civ. Lieutenants can.

Internal Affairs Department

Offense Notes Punishment
Abuse of messaging systems Including, but not limited to:
  • Joining police TeamSpeak channels while playing civilian (Sergeant and below).
  • Abusing TeamSpeak/Discord messages.
  • Abusing the 911 system in game. (1 Point Maximum)
Up to 2 points
Violation of a civilian's rights May include any of the following:
  • Driving a civilian's vehicle without permission.
  • Sending a suspect to jail unjustly.
  • Issuing improper tickets/charges.
Up to 3 points
Unlawful home entry Not following the proper house raiding procedure. 6 points and removal from the APD
Disrespecting the chain of command Being disrespectful towards any officer of any rank. Up to 3 points
Improper use of APD Equipment This can be categorized into many different things. A couple of examples include:
  • Irresponsible or improper use of lethal ammunition.
  • Irresponsible or improper use of flashbangs.
  • Irresponsible or improper use of downing rounds (paintballing).
  • Use of the supervisor skins while below the rank of Sergeant.
  • Leaving a vehicle unattended at any vehicle spawn point with the intention of blocking a civilian from spawning their vehicle.
Up to 4 points
Server related bans Any server bans you receive, even while playing civilian, can and will result in disciplinary action on the APD. Up to blacklist, depending on severity.
Corruption/Metagaming Abusing APD role to affect player's civilian outcome or vice versa. May include:
  • Pardoning a gang member, known associate, a fellow officer, or yourself.
  • Failure to issue full ticket towards a gang member, known associate or yourself.
  • Giving APD issued equipment to civilians (outside of role play situations).
  • Leaking confidential APD information.

Report metagaming to the admins via player reports.

Inappropriate role-play Including, but no limited to:
  • Rape.
  • Sexual role-play.
  • Degradation, harassment, or malicious behaviour towards another player.
Up to 6 points
Failure to role play Including, but not limited to:
  • A severe lack of role play.
  • "Robocopping."
Up to 6 points
Violation of miscellaneous APD guidelines Please note that we reserve the right to issue discipline or removal for offences not written in the guidebook that may fall under gray areas or common sense. Some miscellaneous guidelines include, but are not limited to:
  • Threatening Internal Affairs reports/points while on civilian. (1 Point Maximum)
Up to 6 points

Note: Blacklists may be issued by Lieutenants, but Captain approval is required if the points given result in a blacklist.

Removal and Demotion

Rank Points to Demote Points to Remove
Cadet 2* 3
Constable 5 6
Corporal 4 5
Sergeant 3 4
Lieutenant 3 4
Captain 2** 3**

*A Cadet who gains 2 points will result in their Cadet week being extended by 7 days.

**Also See Section F