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Constables and Corporals may patrol in helicopters so long as there are sufficient ground units active.

  • Constables and Corporals must maintain a flight level of 300 meters or more while flying within cities unless they are in active pursuit or landing at a designated landing area.
  • While it is not a requirement, it is recommended that the pilot and co-pilot have a computer powerful enough to handle an In-Air view range of 3000 or higher. If you cannot fly with a view range of 3000, officers are recommended to stick to ground operations.

Remember that helicopters are not weapons. Do not use them to disable vehicles or deny access to an area. Helicopter pilots must always abide by the server VDM rules or they risk having admin and/or APD action taken against them.


Law enforcement helicopters are mostly supportive units and should aim to fill one of three roles:

Observation: The pilot observes at a safe distance and relays information back to officers on the ground.

Pursuit: The pilot maintains radar and/or visual contact with a fleeing suspect and relays information to any officer participating in the pursuit.

Transportation: The pilot transports law enforcement personnel, detained civilians, or civilians in need of rescue to their destination.

Patrolling in a Helicopter

Constables and Corporals are not allowed to fly over illegal areas, cartels or rebel base unless called upon by ground forces in the area.

  • If only observing the illegal area, you must maintain 1 km distance from the area.
    • LSD Sheet Factory, Spirit Distillery, and the Dark Fungi Den are immune to this rule. Meaning Constables+ are able to fly into these select areas without a ground unit.
  • If activity is observed, wait for ground forces to arrive before entering the area.
  • Constables and Corporals may land at any time. You will still need ground forces to enter illegal areas while in a helicopter.