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Asylum features an immersive political system where you are able to run, and vote for governor of the island. You are able to campaign and vote for people into office. Below are steps to vote for players, run for governor, how to win favor, and your abilities in office.


Scattered around major cities are voting ballot signs. Using your scroll wheel to vote, you can see a selection of candidates campaigning, and a short campaign statement written by them to win your vote. Read those messages carefully, and know your candidates, as all politicians can lie...

Running for Governor / Campaigning

  1. Travel to the Governor's Office located in the city of Pyrgos
  2. Find the VOTE sign located through the double glass doors
  3. Scroll-wheel and Run for Governor, you will be given an option of campaign spending, you must at least fun $2,500 to your campaign (the higher the amount, the higher you are on the running list)
  4. Write a short description for the reason you are running for office, be sure to persuade your peers as you will rely on them voting for you to get into office
  5. Once you complete this step, now you need to persuade people to vote for you, do so by traveling to cities and speaking with other citizens of Asylum, as well as giving out sums of money in return for votes (corruption is best)

(You may also advertise your campaign on Channel 4 news to all players at $30,000 per commercial)

Governor Abilities

Below are some of the abilities you have once voted for office. Some are beneficial, while others can be abused and lower your ratings for future elections.

Governor Title and Outfit

Exclusive Governor Title and Outift

With the position of governor comes access to an exclusive title and outfit, which can only be used by active governors. The governor's outfit comprises of a lavender button-up shirt, a periwinkle striped tie, an all-natural Greek leather belt, midnight black trousers, and hand-made leather shoes, tailored specifically for each governor. The governor also receives a title that is displayed next to their name in order to signify their position.

Governor Tax and Law Menu

Set Taxes

The governor is the highest figure on the island and with that they can set various island-wide taxes. The governor can set the Sales Tax between 0% to 20% and the Fuel Tax between 0% and 10%. Home and gang upkeep cost can also be set by the governor, but this feature is yet to be implemented to homes and gangs. Sales Tax effects the buying price of items, but not the selling price. In order to keep constituents happy, it is best to keep this number at or near 0%. Fuel Tax effects the cost of purchasing fuel for boats, cars, and planes.

Set Death Penalties

An option given to the governor in order to cleanse the island of criminal scum is the use of the death penalty. The death penalty may be implemented so that those who are in prison will be put to death after serving their time in the Altis Maximum Security Prison. The death penalty is only applied to those criminals who have committed crimes, so heinous, that they should no longer be able to live their days out on the island.

Set Weed Legal or Illegal

Against the wishes of the APD, the governor can choose whether Weed is legal or illegal. During times of cannabis legalization, a medical marijuana dispensary is opened near the weed processor.

Governor Message Notification and Message

Governor Message

The governor needs to be able to communicate with his constituents, thus he is given access to the ability to send messages to all civilians, cops, and medics. Once every 15 minutes, the governor can send out an island-wide message of his choosing. The message can range from a political advertisement to seeing who is in need of the Governor's pardon. However, the message is limited to 150 characters, so every character counts. A active and communicative governor is one that may get reelected in future elections.

Governor Pardon

As the highest ranking authority on the island, the governor may issue pardons to convict criminals whom he may feel have been wrongly accused or incarcerated in Altis' Maximum Security Prison. Once per restart, the governor may select a wanted individual, who is not restrained, and offer them a pardon. It is up to the individual for whether or not they will accept the governor's pardon. If the individual accepts the governor's pardon, they will be relieved of the bounty on their head.