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Basic Cop Rules

An officer's primary weapon is always their voice. Speak first, shoot second.

Cops must have undivided loyalty to the police department at all times. Information and APD equipment is to not be shared with civilians outside of kidnapping situations. The Spar16-s and the MXSW can never be dropped under any circumstances.

Officers must not grant special favors to civilians nor take bribes or payments of any sort. No pardons or discounts for fellow gang members, friends or associates.

All people around a crime scene or involved in committing a crime can be restrained and held for a maximum of 10 minutes until the issue is resolved. This time frame does not start until the situation is deemed “All Clear”. (Transportation time does not add to this timer.)

Police Conduct and Attitude

Be respectful towards civilians and other officers no matter what rank. Do not use profanity to harass anyone. Do not swear, insult, or troll civilians. Treat them with respect, just as you'd like them to treat you. This is a role playing game. You are role playing as an adult police officer, so act like one.

As a whitelisted player, you are held to a higher standard than others and are expected to know and obey the server rules. If you are found violating the rules of the server you can expect to receive harsher punishment. You are also expected to set an example to others on the server when it comes to roleplay. You should roleplay all situations as an officer to the best of your ability. Value your life like a real officer would.

You are to remain respectful and in character at all times when playing as an officer. This requires discipline at times and if you cannot comply or there is just that one person constantly getting on your nerves, it's time to take a break.

When taken hostage, you are not allowed to give any of your APD assets to your gang members or known affiliates.

If you have been taken hostage and your kidnappers have placed a bucket or blindfold over your head, you and all other officers are not allowed to communicate or act on any information regarding your location. If you are unable to stay in character while kidnapped, do your best to RP until the situation is over then take a break.

TeamSpeak and Discord

All officers (excluding Captains) are required to be in the proper APD Teamspeak channel while on-duty (in-game). Their microphone and audio must always be activated unless processing or kidnapped.

  • Currently seated Admins (NOT retired Admins) and Support staff may be in non-APD channels temporarily if they are conducting duties but shall make every effort to promptly return to the proper APD channel while on-duty.

If an officer is kidnapped and blindfolded they must mute their teamspeak.

All officers are expected to have a Teamspeak name that matches their in-game name. While Undercover, your Undercover name shall be included as well.


All officers are allowed to soft log (leaving to the server lobby and rejoining) whenever they are allowed to respawn.

Officers are allowed to respawn:

  1. To respond to any Federal Event.
  2. To return to their assigned city after assisting in any Federal Event.
  3. To return to their assigned city after assisting in a backup call. (You are not allowed to respawn to respond to a backup call from other officers. You must drive or fly there but may respawn back afterwards.)
  4. When needed if there are 5 or less officers online.
  5. In extreme cases where you are stranded. (Do not abuse this by intentionally destroying your vehicle. Play fair.)
  6. To redeploy after being given placement orders by a higher up (such as after a briefing.)
  7. If they are a Cadet and do not have a Constable or higher nearby to patrol with.

Exploiting/Glitching/Bugged Players

If you can tell a player is purposely exploiting a bug, instruct them to stop. If they continue and are preventing you from processing them normally, send them directly to jail, execute them, or leave them restrained to deal with the bug themselves. If you think an exploit was being done on purpose, report it to an admin using the "Player Reporting" section on the forums. You should NEVER break roleplay to tell the individual that they will be banned, get points, etc.

If a suspect is bugged (cannot be unrestrained or unescorted), you may down the suspect and/or the escorting officer in an attempt to fix the bug. If you cannot fix the bug, inform the suspect to relog.

If you find yourself bugged while on or off-duty and cannot be interacted with (sent to jail, restrained, invisible to others, pulled out of a vehicle), you must relog when ordered or face possible punishment.

If you encounter an RDM'er you may down and process them if you have evidence of the situation. If you encounter a suspect that is constantly combat logging, you may lethal them, however you must still follow all server rules regarding initiation when engaging them.

Affiliation Guidelines

Affiliation/Affiliates will now be defined as the following.

Current gang mates or recent gang mates (within the past month.)

Or "known friend" (defined as: someone who you've been known to hang out with on a regular basis on the server (observed within the past month))"

This will be applied for, processing, RA, Interviews etc.