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Gang Fort

The gang fort is the contestable position on the island, located south of Lakka Checkpoint this capturable entity is a spawnable Rebel outpost, Drug Dealer, and Wongs.

This is capturable every Sunday and Wednesday, at 5:00 PM CST, the Gang Fortress of Altis will be capturable for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Whilst the fortress is up for grabs, all kills within 400 meters will be war kills. To capture you must have only <= 8 players, and own no turfs.

  • Gang fort is a 'King of the hill' like gameplay
  • Gangs can obtain points by having their members within a 150 meter radius of the flag
  • Points are given out every 30 seconds
  • A maximum of 8 members per gang are allowed within a 1500 meter radius
  • Exceeding this will result in a hard reduction of your points (reduction of the entire amount of members active within the area every 30 seconds)
  • Spawning inside your house is disabled whenever you die within the gang fort area while its active
  • A scoreboard will appear if you are active within 500 meters of the gang fort while its active
  • You don't get points if your in a car

The Gang fort is highly coveted by the most powerful groups on the server, it is highly advisable to bring 7.62 rifles and armored vehicles to fight this cartel.