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Gang Fort/ Gang Boat

The gang fort/boat are contestable positions on the island, Gang fort is located south of Lakka, and the boat is stranded in the free fire zone. These capturable entities are a spawnable Rebel outpost, Drug Dealer, and Wongs.

These are capturable every Sunday and Wednesday, On Sunday at 6:00 PM EST, the Gang Fortress of Altis will be capturable for 1 hour. Gang fort is then held until Wednesday at noon when it becomes inactive. On Wednesday at 6pmEST the gang boat is capturable for one hour, and is then held until Sunday at noon.

Whilst the fortress/boat is up for grabs, all kills within 400 meters will be war kills. To capture you must have only <= 8 players, and own no turfs.

  • Gang fort is a 'King of the hill' like gameplay
  • Gangs can obtain points by having their members within a 150 meter radius of the flag
  • Points are given out every 30 seconds
  • A maximum of 8 members per gang are allowed within a 1500 meter radius
  • Exceeding this will result in a hard reduction of your points (reduction of the entire amount of members active within the area every 30 seconds)
  • Spawning inside your house is disabled whenever you die within the gang fort area while its active
  • A scoreboard will appear if you are active within 500 meters of the gang fort while its active
  • You don't get points if your in a car
  • scoreboard can now be initialized by typing "!gangfortscore

Specific Gang Boat perks

An active anti air system which will shoot your opponents out of the sky

The Gang fort/boat is highly coveted by the most powerful groups on the server, it is highly advisable to bring 7.62 rifles and armored vehicles to fight this cartel.