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General FAQ about Asylum

General Server Questions:

Q: What is the Asylum Teamspeak Address?

A: ts3.gaming-asylum.com or use the direct invite link here.

Q: How can I join the Asylum Discord Server?

A: The invite link is here.

Q: How can I join the servers?

A: Server Information is displayed here.

Q: How do I report a player?

A: Refer to Reporting guide.

Q: I have been banned. What do i do?

A: Create a ban appeal here. Then join Asylum Teamspeak and wait in "Help! I've been banned!" channel under "Support".

General Gameplay Questions:

Q: How do I apply to be a cop?

A: The application is here, be sure to look at the requirements and proper post format.

Q: How do I apply to be a medic?

A: The application is here, be sure to look at the requirements and proper post format.


Here are some common technical issues and solutions that may help you:

Q: Why is my screen black?

A: Check that you selected a purple civilian slot, a green medic slot, or are a whitelisted officer if joining Blufor.

Q: Why do I get kicked and can't join the server?

A: Try deleting your mission file and verify your game cache and creating a new ArmA 3 profile. Otherwise, refer to this guide on the issue here.

Q: Why can't I see scroll wheel options?

A: Try creating a new ArmA 3 profile or resetting your control scheme. If this doesn't work, create a Character Account support thread on the Forums.

Q: Game keeps crashing with Bad Module Info Error/ Crashing randomly

A: Try Disabling Full-Screen Optimization for Win 10. Otherwise, downgrade to a version other than the Windows 10 Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) as many games are incompatible with this.

With random crashes appearing during gameplay, try the following:

  1. Verify game files.
  2. Delete mission file to be redownloaded.
  3. Change Arma III memory allocator and/or allocated memory. Random crashes typically happen due to not enough memory allocated.

Q: Cannot setup new keybinds or they don't work.

A: Make sure you have no controllers/joysticks plugged in or have them enabled. This causes issues when setting up new keybinds.

Additional Information: