Evidence Lockup

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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end-game objectives. The tactics you use, such as your team, your movements, and your weaponry will be left to your discretion.

Map location for the Evidence Lockup

Evidence Lockup

This is an APD lockup that contains all weapons seized by the APD. Rebels are able to raid this compound with a team of other rebels in order to score the guns. This, of course, will require great levels of preparation and teamwork to pull off. The Evidence Locker cannot be robbed whilst another federal event is being robbed


  • Demo-charges
    • These can be purchased from any Rebel Outpost
  • Great deal of experience (recommended)
  • Large gang/group (recommended)
  • Armoured vehicles (recommended)


  1. Approach the large barracks building in the center of the compound, be careful of the electric fence and anti-aircraft turret! If you go into the blue lines and enter the electric fence zone you will be knocked unconscious until the security is disabled.
  2. Hack the security using the laptop inside the barracks building, this will start a timer allowing the APD to spawn into the security walls of the compound and start to attack you. Protect the laptop for 10 minutes for the security fence to be disabled.
  3. After the fence is disabled approach the large dome in the middle of the compound and place a Demo Charge on the gate. After this a 15-minute timer will start before the dome is breached and you are able to take the vehicle out of the compound.
  4. Spike-Strip Galore!!!! Watch out for the gate as you drive out and try to escape the cops, much of the evidence can be sold at rebel outpost but some of it must be sold at the Drug Dealer/Wongs Liquor.

As of 2/9/22 the APD must take the vehicle back to the HQ and seize directly into the evidence. So, stop them from recovering the vehicle at all costs.

Unique Loot

Loot from the Evidence is based on what is seized by the APD between successful robberies. This loot may also potentially include the following unique items:

  • RPG launcher tubes and their rockets
  • RPK 7.62 light machine guns
  • Zafir 7.62 heavy machine guns

Overhead Images

Evidence Lockup.JPG