Duel Arena

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Asylum duel arena is a combat arena that allows two players to fight over a monetary bet and for glory!

  • Can contain one fight at a time
  • Players can invite at the duel arena
  • With bets that are variable from $50.000 - $999.999
  • Invited players can accept at a courthouse/or arena (60 seconds to accept)
  • On acception the players get teleported to the arena
  • On teleportation HALF of the betting amount will be subtracted from your account (500k bet on the game, EACH player puts 250k in the pot)
  • Both parties will battle for the best out of three
  • On win you will get the battle amount
  • On lose you will get nothing (obviously)
  • If your battle partner leaves you will get your input back and as a punishment for leaving your battle partner will lose their input.
  • Once the battle is concluded you get teleported back to your previous spot
  • Interruption of the event from the outside is a bannable offense..
  • Any interruption is recorded and can / will lead to administrative actions