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Drug running is an extremely well paying profession on Asylum, however, it comes with unique challenges. It is illegal and proficient; police may be notified that you will be landing/taking off. Additionally for some drug runners it is difficult due to short runways. It is highly recommended to practice flying mechanics of Arma 3 in the editor first before you do this in Asylum, as it requires great skill.


  • Own the Arma 3 APEX DLC
  • Knowledge of Arma 3 fixed wing flight mechanics and skills.
  • $15,000 on hand or in the bank. This is the only requirement. Additional items that are listed below will make it easier.
  • NVG's - So you can see/land at night.
  • Food/Water - Running out of food/water will not kill you just make you extremely slow.
  • Talents - Two are available, Drug Hawker & Drug Baron; These talents will reduce the chance of police being notified of your activities.
  • Weapon - To defend yourself from rebels, bounty hunters or police.


  1. Go up to any of the 5 drug runner locations marked on your map with $15,000.
  2. Using the scroll wheel on the NPC, select Get Drug Runner Job and enter the airplane.
  3. Within the limited time, fly to the first marked Drug Runner location to pickup the drugs to transport.
  4. With your plane within 50m of the NPC, use the scroll wheel on the NPC and select Load Drugs on Plane.
  5. Within the limited time, fly to the next marked Drug Runner location to deliver the drugs.
  6. With your plane within 50m of the NPC, use the scroll wheel on the NPC and select Deliver to Smuggler.
  7. Deposit your earned cash on hand to an ATM and repeat steps 1-7 if you wish.


Total amount per hour is heavily dependent on some factors. After successful completion you receive your starting $15,000 back in addition to your pay. The total amount is dependent on how-far you went and how fast you completed the assignment. You can often make 10-25k per flight.

Additional Notes

  • Always use full flaps to takeoff and land the aircraft as the dirt strips are very short.
  • The plane will spawn damaged and low on fuel. You will always have enough fuel and your speed will be unaffected (Just careful on those rough landings).
  • If someone camps your landing area or police are waiting it is better to turn around and land then cancel your drug running mission. You will not be successful but you will get most of your starting 15k back.
  • The $15,000 upfront is insurance to the Drug cartels that you will deliver their product. If you fail under any circumstance, you will lose this money. If you succeed, it will be returned to you in addition to your profit.
  • Turning your Engine off 1.8km out is recommended to reduce your speed resulting in a safe landing
  • Make sure you have handbrake/airbrake bound (Default "x") to help with the reduction of speed on descent

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