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At the rank of Sergeant you gain access to the AR-2 "Darter" UAV, The Darter fully autonomous with a 8.7x zoom camera with night vision and thermal imaging making it ideal for spotting and locating fugitives.


  • The Talent Surveillance
  • UAV Terminal Purchased at Police Equipment Shop $2000
  • UAV Bag Purchased at Police Clothing Shop $3000

Assembling & Connecting to Drone

  • Scroll wheel and select "Assemble AR-2 Darter"

Assemble Drone.png

  • Look at the drone and select the blue option "Connect to UAV"
  • DO NOT use the Connect terminal to UAV it will result in the drone disapearing

Connect Drone.png

Drone Movement


  • Scroll Wheel Select "Take UAV Controls"
  • You will now be controlling the drone, flight controls are the same as your helicopter controls
  • Night vision will be unavailable when manually flying the drone in third person for night vision go into first person.
  • Sustainable flight speed is 90km/h when flying manually


Setting Way-points

  • Select Open UAV Terminal
  • Shift + left click to set a single way-point.
  • Ctrl + left click to set multiple way-points
  • Del key to delete way-points (Like you would delete a mark on the map)

When setting basic way-points the drone will automatically take off and climb to an altitude of 50m

If the drone is in the air it will maintain the current flight height and proceed to the way-point

When the drone is flying to a way-point it will reach a maximum speed of 55km/h to fly faster manually control the drone

Advanced Way-points/Functions

  • To have the drone follow you or a fellow officer open your UAV Terminal and right click another officer or yourself and select Follow unit you will then be able to set the distance at which it maintains from the target (0-500m)
  • Sadly Asylum has disabled most of the advanced way-points meaning you must manually land a drone every single time.
  • Attempting to use advanced way-points (right-clicking a way-point and setting an advanced way-point) will result in a Battle Eye kick. This also means you must manually land the drone when you want to reclaim it before restarts or logging off

Setting Flight Altitude

  • Sadly due to advanced way-points being disabled you are forced to manually control your drone and fly to the height you want the drone to maintain.
  • Flying above 200m will disable way-point functions (the drone will spin in circles instead of going to the designated waypoint) to fix this simply fly below 200m manually

Camera Control

  • Scroll wheel and select Take Turret Controls
  • T will show the distance from the drone to the tartget
  • N To cycle between Normal/Night/Thermal Vision
  • +/- on num pad for zoom
  • Ctrl + T will lock the camera onto the object/ground/person/Vehicle

Note: If you do not lock the camera it will always return to its default position upon releasing controls (Straight forward)

Note: If you lock the camera onto a player/vehicle it will always remain locked even if it looses vision of the target

Reclaiming/landing the drone

  • Delete all active way-points
  • Manually fly the drone and land it
  • Turn off the engine
  • Select Release UAV Controls
  • Wait for Engines to fully spool down
  • Select Disassemble Drone
  • Select Take UAV-Bag

Note: Failure to let engines fully spool down before disassembling the drone will result in the engines still being on while in the backpack. Making noise and using fuel (Soft-log to fix the issue or place down the drone and turn engines off)

Known Bugs, AKA "Features"

  • If your operating your drone or camera from within a vehicle and the vehicle is destroyed or stored you will bug out and be stuck on debug island (Soft-log to fix)
  • Deploying more than one drone will result in BE kick
  • Sometimes on death you will be unable to re-connect to your drone
  • Soft-logging will always result in loss of drone, attempting to re-connect to drone will result in a battle eye kick
  • Attempting to connect to another SGT+ drone will result in battle eye kick
  • Using advanced way-points (Such as land or set altitude) will result in battle eye kick