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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end game objectives. The tactics you use and the weaponry will be left to your discretion.

Asylum Domination is a large scale domination style event that involves multiple groups engaging for control of control points.

You can join the Asylum Domination server with the IP

You can download the needed mods here:

You can find all patch notes on the forums found here Domination Patch Notes


Voting will take place on the Asylum Discord, sign up for the @domination role. Map voting will take place 4 hours before domination starts, and zone voting after a map was chsoen.

Maps & Zones

Altis Zones
Dom warzone.jpg Dom altis drugpen.jpg
Warzone Drug Peninsula
Chernarus Zones
Dom chernarus middlenorth.jpg Dom chernarus middlesouth.jpg Dom chernarus eastcoast.jpg
Middle North Middle South East Coast
Malden Zones
Dom malden.jpg
Main Zone
Sahrani Zones
Dom sahrani north.jpg Dom sahrani south.jpg
North South
Zargabad Zones
Dom zargabad.jpg
Main Zone
Utes Zones
Dom utes.jpg
Main Zone


Domination is a scheduled community event. Below are the current times that the event runs at. The schedule is always subject to change to accommodate most of our community and may operate at unscheduled times as well.

You can convert the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time to your own timezone here.

Day of Week Pacific Time Mountain Time Central Time Eastern Time UTC Time
Tuesday 2 PM 3 PM 4 PM 5 PM 21:00
Thursday 3 PM 4 PM 5 PM 6 PM 22:00
Saturday 12 PM 1 PM 2 PM 3 PM 19:00
Sunday 12 PM 1 PM 2 PM 3 PM 19:00

Domination lasts for 3 hours or until there is a winner based on points scored.


Domination comes with its own set of rules apart from our normal server rules. They are as follows:

  • Chopshop is disabled. You can still blow vehicles up if it doesn't kill anyone.
  • Houses are disabled.
  • Speed bombs and suicide vests are disabled.
  • Camping safe zones is a bannable offense.


Domination has few requirements to participate. They are as follows:

  • You must be in a gang to accumulate points and earn stats
  • Group of up to 10 players
  • Sufficient money to purchase gear and vehicles


  • 4 Capture points are found within the zone.
  • Every flag has 300 points to capture when they spawn, 600 If it's targeted as a hotzone.
  • Every 20 seconds, 10 points will be deducted from a captured flag to the capturing gang.
  • Once a flag has all its points depleted, it will move to another location.
  • Hold J to see a menu of current flag points, every gang's points, etc.
  • You will be side locked during domination, so once you log onto civ you can only play on civ for the duration of that specific domination and vice-versa for SRT.

Domination Missions (Mini Events)

Random Events

  • Capture The Flag - Pickup a physical flag from one point to another, doing so will earn you 350 points.
  • Juggernaut - Kill a very very tanky walking npc. He is heavily armed and only shoot if provoked. Scalping his corpse will award you with 200 points, and a crate of loot
  • Cheaper Weapons - All weapons/loadouts will be 45% off for 15 minutes.
  • Stamina Removed - Stamina will be removed for 25 minutes.
  • Ghosthawk - Shootdown a ghost hawk via its tail rotors, as it won't shoot back. It will drop an airdrop and an armed offroad with a scope. The first to scroll on the ghost hawk crate will earn 200 points.
  • Airdrop - A plane will be shot down randomly over the map and drop an airdrop crate.
  • Nuclear Bunker - A bunker will contain a crate of loot. You can scroll wheel at the front door to enter.
  • Aircraft Carrier - A Aircaraft carrier will spawn with armed planes on the deck. Use a helicopter to reach the top deck.
  • HVT - A random player will be targeted as an High Value Target. Killing them in less than 15 minutes will award your gang with 100 points. If they are sucessfully defended, their gang will earn 30 points instead.
Flag Event Requirement to Start Description
Hotzone After 15 OR 25 flags have moved The flag will spawn with 600 points, and 20 points will be deducted every 20 seconds.
Hardpoint After 10 OR 20 flags have moved The gang with the highest amount of members in the hardpoint radius, will earn 5 points every 5 seconds. It will be active for only 10 minutes.
Bomb Defusal After 30 flags have moved Be the defusing gang of the bomb to earn 300 points, or it will explode.

S. R. T. (Strategic Response Team)

  • The Strategic Response Team (SRT) is a group of highly trained and specially equipped APD officers who respond to domination flags requiring advanced police tactics.
  • Every SRT Trooper will have $5,000 deducted from their bank and added to the pot every respawn. Having insufficient cash to pay will kick you to the lobby.
  • By default, SRT can pull Hunters, Striders, Qilins, Prowlers, and Orcas. Vehicles purchased on domination can only be pulled on domination. They will not show up/count to your S1 cop vehicle garage.
  • SRT is required to earn kills in order to prestige in weaponry.
Kills Weapon/Vehicle
0 MK20
16 SPAR-16
25 MX
35 MXM
50 Type-115
75 MK14
100 Ifrit
100 MK18
200 MK1
500 MX SW


  • Every 6 minutes, all dead players will be asked to participate in the Gulag. Only the first 2 to respond will be chosen.
  • Players will be given a random loadout (same for both) to battle out their differences.
  • The current map for the gulag is Nuketown.
  • If a trade occurs, the first person to die will be counted as the loser.
  • The winner will redeploy over their dead corpses position, 500 meters with a parachute and previous full loadout.
  • Once you land safely you will be given your old backpack back with whatever was inside.


  • All loadouts/weapons/clothing will be 10% off on domination, compared to S1 prices.
  • Your location/loadout/virtual will not sync with server 1.
  • The loadouts you make on domination will also no sync with S1. They also have the ability to have virtual in your loadout.

Win Conditions

Reaching a score of 5,000 points will secure you a Domination win.

  • In the case of two gangs reaching 4,000 points at the same time, a tie-breaker will happen. The first gang to 4,100 points will then win Domination.


  • The default prize pool is set at $5,000,000 at the start of the event.
  • Every purchase, including loadouts, weapons, vehicles, garage fees, etc will be adding to the total pot.
  • To receive any reward, your gang must obtain at least 250 points during the event.
  • Equation: (PotPrice * 0.95 / TotalPoints) * YourGangPoints
  • Bonuses: 1st: $1,200,000, 2nd: $600,000, 3rd: $300,000 4th:, 150,000 and 5th: 100,000
  • Each paycheck will be divided equally to each online player.

Exclusive Rewards

  • RAW Ifrit skin - Win a domination and be a subscriber
  • Backwoods Ifirt skin - Win 3 dominations and be a subscriber
  • Carnage Ifrit skin -The person who has the most kills in the most recent domination will now get an exclusive achievement and Carnage Ifrit Skin
  • Battleye Ifrit skin - Be a participating member who won the most recent domination

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