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Delivery missions are a timed cargo delivery job. You are offered 3 different cargo types with their own respective delivery vehicle required.


To begin your career as a Delivery Man, there a few items you must obtain.

  • Backpack: You may wish to purchase a backpack to carry any supplies such as medical, food, etc.
  • Vehicle: In order to do delivery missions, you will need a vehicle dependant on the type of mission. This will either be an Offroad, Hummingbird, Orca, Mohawk or Taru. Check #Method for more info.


The following talents can also be added to help you out whilst doing delivery missions.

  • Delivery Man - Increases payout from delivery missions by 10%.
    • Precious Cargo - Increases payout from parcel missions by further 20% (requires a vehicle which can hold container).
      • Delivery Pilot - Increases payout from container missions by further 25% (requires heavy helicopter).


Below outlines the steps to start doing delivery missions on Altis.

  1. Purchase or pull out your desired vehicle from the garage.
  2. Pick any of the DP locations marked on the map and travel to it with the vehicle.
  3. Using the scroll wheel, select one of the delivery jobs that suits your vehicle type.
    • Delivery Mission - Any car, this delivery is just in your inventory, Advised: Hatchback Sport/SUV
    • Delivery Parcel - Offroad, Flatbed, Zamak(Transport/Covered), Hemmt(Box/Transport),Box Truck. (Offroad is by far and away the fastest and cheapest option)
    • Delivery Container (AIR) - Orca, Mohawk or Taru.
  4. Within the given time, deliver the cargo to the appropriately marked DP location on your map.
  5. Deposit any cash in an ATM and repeat steps 3-5 if you wish.


Profit is dependent on the type of delivery done, distance traveled to the destination, and time left before the mission ends. Generally, you will be paid more for larger, further and faster trips.

Additional Info

  • Some DP locations will direct you to potentially dangerous and illegal zones where you may be killed without warning. You may ignore these or try to complete them well geared.
  • Some DP locations will be tricky to use a helicopter at. Plan your flight path accordingly!