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Pre-Existing Custom controls

These keys are automatically enabled

  • 1 - Opens wanted menu/Active bounty list (Cop/Civ)
  • 6 - Activates Vehicle Nitrous
  • U - Unlock/lock vehicles and doors (As long as you have keys to the vehicle/the house).
  • Y - Brings up your cellphone. It has many useful applications on it.
  • T - Access Virtual Inventory (Look at a vehicle/crate and press T to open the menu).
  • Caps Lock - Voice chat (Make sure you’re talking in the right channel else people will not hear you). This is the only Asylum key bind you can change in Arma 3 settings.
  • Scroll wheel - Used for most interactions (Medical, player, gather actions) around the island.
  • H - Holsters your weapon. You may press 1 or 2 on your keyboard to bring them out again.
  • Tab - Raises your hands/Surrender. At times you may be asked by criminals, bounty hunters, or the Police to raise your hands. Be aware this will allow players to restrain you
  • 2x Left Ctrl - Lowers your weapon so that you are not pointing it at other players. Press again to raise it.
  • F Toggles Siren (Medic or Cop)

Setting Controls

Custom controls are set by hitting the escape key > Clicking Configure > Followed by Controls > From the drop down menu select "Custom controls" > Finally assign your desired key to the use action.

List of Custom Controls

  • Use Action 1 - Open Player Menu (Wanted Menu)
  • Use Action 2 - Pickup Nearby items.
  • Use Action 3 - Open Virtual Inventory.
  • Use Action 4 - Restraint Hotkey (Only works on downed players, or those with hands raised).
  • Use Action 5 - Toggle Auto running and swimming.
  • Use Action 6 - Use Virtual FAK
  • Use Action 7 - Toggle Lethals (APD Only)
  • Use Action 8 - Speed radar (APD Only)
  • Use Action 9 - Use spike strips.(APD Only) Can be deployed in rear of vehicles.
  • Use Action 10 - Interaction key.
  • Use Action 11 - Consume Red Gulls. (Red Gulls allow you to sprint for 3mins).
  • Use Action 12 - Use Earbuds (Volume change can be controlled within the Phone Menu Setting App).
  • Use Action 13 - Lockpick
  • Use Action 15 - Activate Suicide Vest.
  • Use Action 16 - Toggle Lethals (Cop Only).

Re-Packing Ammo

Thanks to Outlaw, no more will you have to use half full magazines of ammo! Simply use CTRL+R to open the mag re-packer. Put the mag you want to drain from in the top and the mag you want to fill in the bottom. Note: Mags must be of same caliber & type (Tracer color/Stagnac)

Magazine's Waiting to be repacked.