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General Overview

Asylum contains special (!) commands which can be accessed using a "!" then following it with a command. You can use these commands in any chat, direct communication, sidechat, vehicle, and etc. The communication channel you put them in will not affect you in anyway.

  • Capitalization does matter, except for the player's name and your message.

Text Message Based Commands

Quickly message the police

  • " !911 your text here " will write a quick message to the Asylum Police Department and mark your location for them to see.
    • Example " !911 Help my Truck has been stolen "

Quickly message a player

  • " !t players name " will write a quick message to your desired player.
    • example " !t Jack Hands up or die!!! "

Quickly reply to a message

  • "!r Your text here" will write a response to the last person that messaged you.
    • Example "!r thanks"


The follow commands will be used to promote role play and can be triggered by !e.

!e squat
Animation Commands
!e ninja
!e piss
!e squat
!e squat2
!e pushup
!e point
!e slowmo
!e thebird
!e execute
!e breifing
!e risefromdead (Subscriber)
!e stargaze (Subscriber)
!e sitcuffed (Subscriber)
!e tpose (Donor 7+)
!e standidle (Donor 7+)
!e briefing (Donor 7+)
!e hide (Donor 7+)