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Cartels and turfs are similar in that they both follow a King of the Hill (KOTH) style game-play encouraging gangs to fight each other for rewards. Rewards vary depending on the location or type (Cartel vs Turf)

  • There are 3 turfs in Asylum: Rodopoli, Zaros, and Panagia. Turfs are always in fixed locations.
  • The 4 cartels in Asylum are: Wongs Triad, Drug Cartel, Oil Cartel, and Arms Dealer. Cartels rotate location on server restart.



To capture and hold Cartels:

  1. Must be in a Gang
  2. Must have an illegal firearm purchased from the rebel outpost (No weapon under 6.5 can be used to capture a cartel)
  3. Rebel License
  4. Must clear all opposing gang members from the marked area
  5. When the cartel is clear of other gangs the cartel will become "Contested" and the percentage will tick down to 0% at which point the previous gang will have lost control. It will then tick back up to 100% notifying you and your gang you now have control of that Cartel. Once you have taken control your gang name will be displayed on the map and you will receive that Cartels Rewards
  6. Once captured, a cartel is "locked" for 30min and no other gang can contest it for that time.

Rewards (Cartels)

Once you have captured a cartel you may begin to receive money directly into your gang account. The amount received directly relates to which cartel you have captured and what other players are doing at that given time.

Drug Cartel: While controlled you will receive a cut of all Drugs sold to drug dealer (Crank, Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, and Weed)

Oil Cartel: While controlled you will receive a cut of all Oil & Rubber sold to the Oil Trader as well as the ability to collect portions of rubber from the cartel at the capture flag.

Arms Dealer: While controlled you will receive a cut of all items purchased at a Rebel outpost (Excluding Vehicles). Additionally you will be able to craft Ifirits, Off-Road 50cal's and the Mk 200 at the Black Market

Wong's Triad: While controlled you will receive a cut of all items sold to Wong's Food & Liquor (Scotch, Goat Meat, Dog Meat)

Cartel Special Event

A capture point will spawn at one of the main cartel locations for 30 minutes every restart (40+ players required).

You get 1 point every 20 seconds while holding the capture point. The gang with the most points wins.

The winning gang gets money added to their bank and an airdrop with valuable loot will spawn above the location.

Call outs

Each cartel location has its own callouts, as depicted by the images below.

Arms Dealer

OG Arms

Arms og.jpg

Church Arms

Arms church.png

Drug Cartel

Drug Peninsula

Drug pen1.jpg

Wong's Triad

Oil Cartel



To capture and hold Turfs:

  1. The Turf must be red and up for capture
  2. Must be in a Gang
  3. Must have a Firearm of any kind ranging from a Rook to an MK1/MK18 (Turfs cannot be captured with a RPG)
  4. Must take the flag (The flag can be taken by scroll-wheeling on the pole and pressing Capture Flag. This takes around 30 seconds.
  5. Once captured, a Turf is in your ownership until it becomes up for capture again when randomly selected.

Rewards (Turfs)

Once a gang has captured a Turf, that gang's name will be displayed on the map and they will reap the rewards of the turf as shown below

Rodopoli: Increased gathering of drugs

Zaros: Able to claim vehicles for free at chop shop locations, increased $ for chopping vehicles

Panagia: Reduces the required materials/costs for crafting by 25%.

Additional Information

  • While a Cartel is contested no player may spawn in a player-owned house within 600m of the cap.
  • While within 200m of a Cartel players do not sync with the servers.
  • While a Turf is red, no player may spawn in a player-owned house within 600m of the flag.

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