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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end game objectives. The tactics you use and the weaponry will be left to your discretion.


The bank is a often favorite of the Rebel faction as it can be completed with a small but skilled group.

Requirements & Mechanics

  • Diamond Tip Drill - $1500
  • One person minimum

To start the drilling, simply have the drill in your inventory, go up to the door in the bank and with your scroll wheel select "Begin Drilling"; After a time of 10 minutes the bank will be successful ((This time can be reduced via talent points)). Right after the drill has begun drilling, all police will be notified of the crime. You can expect the full force of the APD to come and stop you, so be prepared for a fight!


  • As soon as the bank begins all civilians in the area will be charged with "Bank Robbery" ($10,000)
  • When the drill is active the map will display that the bank is being robbed.
  • While the drill is active the entire area surrounding the bank is a red zone for civilians. This means civilians do not need to initiate to shoot.
  • While at the bank players accounts do not sync with the server.

Failure Conditions

If the rebels are unable to defend the drill and the APD are able to get to the drill and disable it. Be aware even if they fail to disable the drill and the door opens, police will be able to seize the rewards from the bank vault and it will disappear.


After a successful bank robbery the vault door will open, and on the vault floor a large stack of Banknotes will appear. Any Rebel in the vicinity can enter the vault and pick it up. When the Cash has been picked up, a timer of 7 Minutes begins for the Dye bands to break. Once this seven-minute timer has begun, the Cash can be distributed between the team but once the cash is split the timer will reset. The amount of Banknotes Received is Dependent on the 3 things below:

""Base amount"" - This is the minimum amount of money that the bank has this number will vary from around 60-70k (without the Community Goal Bonus).

""Additional amount"" - The additional amount is based on how long the server is up, the longer the server is up the more money will become available. Be aware though this amount will reset every time a bank is started whether or not the bank was successful or not. The optimal time for all Bank robberies is at the 30 minute alert for the server restart.

""Bonus amount"" - This refers to the bonus from the talent "Professional". It will increase the final amount by 10% if the driller has this perk when beginning the bank.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a complex heist requiring a large gang and communication to pull off successfully.

Requirements & Mechanics

  • Diamond Tip Drill - $1500
  • Bolt Cutter - $1000
  • Optional Demolition Charges - $1500 each (one for each vault door)
  • One person minimum

To begin robbing the Federal Reserve:

  1. One of the 3 entrance gates on the perimeter of the Federal Reserve must be opened using a Bolt Cutter by scrool wheeling at the gate.
  2. Next the player needs to go up to any of the six large white domes and go to the small grey door on the side with a Diamond Tip drill in hand. If there are five or more cops online, the player may Begin Hacking the Vault door which takes around one minute in total.
  3. After hacking the vault door, a second smaller vault must be hacked in order to gain access to the Gold Bars.
  4. If the player has the talent Safe Cracker Demolition Charges may be used on the smaller vaults for quicker access.


  • While at the Federal Reserve players accounts do not sync with the server.

Failure Conditions

The heist will fail if ALL the Hackers are Restrained/Killed or leave the perimeter of the Fed.

The heist will also fail all the drillers disconnect or if the server restarts.


Robbery of the Federal Reserve is a very high-risk activity, however it does come with its benefits. One person can hold 1 gold bar and with a vehicle, such as an off-road, which can hold 2 gold bars, a player can potentially carry 3 gold bars. Each gold bar sells for around 50,000$ which would be a payout of 150,000$. The amount of Gold bars at The Federal Reserve is all dependent on the amount of time the server has been up. If the Fed is hit around the last hour before restart, a player has the potential to get anywhere from 5 - 20 gold bars from the entire heist.

Call Outs

Bank Callouts
Federal Reserve Callouts

Additional Talents

  • Intimidating - Get up to 20% more money when robbing stores.
    • Heister - Faster with bolt-cutting on gates, can open gates fully and adept at avoiding gate alarm triggers.
      • Professional - Increased bank payout by 10% when you start the robbery.
    • Systems Engineer - Significantly faster at opening bank vaults.
      • Subterfuge - Reduced chance of setting off an alarm while hacking vaults.
    • Safe Cracker - Able to use demo charges on Federal Reserve Vaults.
      • Explosives Expert - Reduced chance of setting off an alarm while using explosives on vaults.