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The Asylum Exchange is an in-game Market system that other players can buy and sell virtual items, physical items and vehicles.

Visit any of the 5 locations marked on the map to being trading with players.

Selling on the Asylum Exchange

To list your own items on the Asylum Exchange, head over to any of the 5 locations. Using the scroll wheel:

  • Weapons can be listed from on hand.
  • Virtual items are listed from your owned car, and don't stack on the exchange.
  • Physical items are listed from your person.
  • Vehicles are listed from scroll wheeling on it near any exchange (25 meters).

Listed products will remain on the Asylum Exchange for 3 days or until bought by another player.

You can list up to 5 different listings on the Asylum Exchange at any time. Asylum Subscribers can list an additional 3 (8 total) listings.

Buying from the Asylum Exchange

To buy anything from the Asylum Exchange, head to any of the 5 locations and use the scroll wheel to open the menu.

You can sort listings by category / item type. The Asylum Exchange will automatically display the lowest priced items listed for you to buy.

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