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Owning an operating a gang can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do on Asylum. This guide aims to teach you how to set one up and what perks are given.

If you're here as a new player, you can alternatively create a group from the phone menu, as a gang requires a house. Groups can allow you to communicate and play together efficiently, but do not offer the same perks as a full gang.


  • First you will need to purchase a home. For the different benefits of each house please check out our Housing Guide.
  • Enter your home and scroll wheel while inside the House Menu and select "New Gang" at this point you will be prompted to choose a name for the gang. Think long and hard as this can't be changed once done.
  • You now have a brand new gang! You can set the gang tag at any time by going - Phone > My Gang > Set Tag

Immediate Benefits and Options

Right off the bat you are now able to:

  • Invite new members
  • Declare a war on another gang
  • Separate Gang account from your personal account
  • Cap Cartels
  • Cap Turfs
  • Begin Earning war rating
  • Begin earning gang perks

Earned Perks and war rating

  • War rating is a value that is given to a individual gang member which earns them special titles. Gang members with the highest war rating over all four servers are displayed publicly on the Asylum website.
  • War Rating is earned by: Killing enemy gangs, Caping Cartels and Caping Turfs. In addition as the gang earns more war rating it will earn more gang perks aswell.
  • "Gang perks" is another icon on the phone, once a player joins the gang they are able to see which perks the gang has. However only Gang leaders can change which perks are selected. **The gang can have a maximum of 9 total gang perk points to spend. You are able to spend them on:
      • Gang Groupon: 10% Reduction at Rebel markets
      • Hagglers: 5% reduction on rebel clothing & equipment
      • Offer he can't refuse: 5% Off rebel weapons
      • Fence: 5% increase on drug and Wong sales
      • Kingpin: Additional 5% increase on Drug Sales
      • Bootlegger: Additional 5% increase on Wong Sales
      • Fly-boys: Pull air vehicles from owned turfs
      • Drug Pushers: Faster gathering at Cocaine Heroin and weed
      • Distributors: Faster Gathering of Ephedra

Gang Permissions

  • You are able to set the permissions of a gang member as the leader or higher ranking member in the gang, You are able to promote and demote from the "My Gang" icon on the phone

Rank 4 and below

  • Ability to spawn at Gang hideout
  • Ability to deposit into Gang account
  • Able to earn war rating
  • Able to participate in gang wars
  • Able to cap cartels/turfs for the gang
  • Gang tag shows up in kill-feed
  • Gang name shows up underneath player name. ((Visible to all players))
  • All earned gang perks and can view gang perks

Rank 3

  • All previously listed
  • Ability to access Gang hideout storage crates

Rank 2

  • All previously listed
  • Able to kick and invite to gang
  • Ability to withdraw money from gang account

Rank 1

  • All previously listed
  • Accept and challenge other gangs to war.
  • Promote Rank 3's to Rank 2
  • Set the gang tag

Gang Wars

  • To begin a gang war a gang must challenge another gang using the "My Gang" icon on the phone. The other gang must accept the war using the same feature.
  • Once a war has begun both gangs will be able to kill each other WITHOUT INITIATION anywhere anyplace anytime, Enemy gang names will be red for the duration of the war. Each kill you get will incur +1 "war kills" where death by enemy with net you +1 "war deaths".
  • During the war killing enemy gang members will no longer give you the charge "Manslaughter" instead replacing it with "Gang Homicide" which is a cheaper charge.
  • Occasionally, the Asylum Staff may host a official gang wars tournament. Check the gang section on our Forums for information regarding such events.

Gang Exclusive Titles

Titles can be earned and are shown to all players when set on. You can select your title from the Achieve icon on the phone.

Gang War Titles

  • Thug: Killed 25 Rival Gang Members
  • Enforcer: Killed 100 Rival Gang Members
  • Warlord: Killed 250 Rival Gang members

War Rating Titles

  • Oppressor: Earned 200 Total Gang Rating
  • Punisher: Earned 750 Total Gang Rating

Additional Notes and tips

  • Caping cartels and turfs will net you gang wide benefits dependent on which turf/cartel you posses.
  • You are able to recruit new members on the Gaming-Asylum forums under the sub forum "Gang Recruitment", this is a good way of getting new members
  • Your choice of gang says a lot about you to other players, always strive to be a strong gang and let the people of Altis fear your name!
  • Attacking a police HQ with 3 or more members regardless of affiliation will net you a "Terrorism" charge of $15,000.