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To begin your career as a Cocaine runner there are a few items you must obtain.

  • Backpack: You may wish to purchase a backpack to maximize the efficiency of drugs you can collect and process.
  • Vehicle: In order to do cocaine runs you will need a vehicle to store your drugs inside. A good starting vehicle would be a flatbed truck which can be bought from a car shop, it is $750 to pull out of the garage and costs a base price of $8,000.


The following talents can also be added to help you out whilst Cocaine running.

  • Weed Processor - Maximum return when processing marijuana.
    • Heroin Junky - Maximum return when processing heroin.
      • Cocaine Processor - Maximum return when processing cocaine.
  • Unrestricted License - Ability to buy luxury class vehicles.
    • Commercial License - Ability to buy large cargo trucks.


The Cocaine Field is to the South West of Athira. The Processor is North of Athira. Processed Cocaine can be further processed at the Purification Factory



Below outlines the steps to start doing Cocaine on Altis.

  1. Purchase or pull out your vehicle from the garage.
  2. Drive your truck to the cocaine field.
  3. When you arrive at the field stand within 150 meters of the Coke Field marker and begin gathering unprocessed cocaine with the scroll wheel gathering option.
  4. When your inventory is full, walk to your truck and press T and double click on the cocaine to select all and press store.
  5. When your truck is full, hop in and take the drive to cocaine processing.
  6. Drive your truck up to the front of cocaine processing and go to the man in the building. Having the Cocaine Processor talent is highly recommended in order to minimize losses from processing cocaine.
  7. Walk to the processor and use the scroll wheel and select process.
  8. Take your processed cocaine to the closest drug dealer and sell it, and be sure to store your cash in an ATM.


Below are average profits for individual runs and profit per hour using a Flatbed Truck. Running cocaine is a great way to make a tidy profit. The risk level for cocaine is medium it is classed as illegal and you may be subject to arrest if caught making it.

  • $37,126 per run (32 minutes). (Prices Vary based on Infamy talents)
  • $66,272 per hour (64 minutes). (Prices Vary based on Infamy talents)

Additional Info

  • 5-7 Cocaine will be given to the Drug Cartel each time you process a full inventory. Capture the Drug Cartel and have the Cocaine Processor talent to maximize your processing return.

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