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This guide will mostly focus on scotch creation as scotch is a unique profession on Asylum as one of the few that gains you money "Passively" meaning you can make money off scotch while doing other things.

Gathering Materials

Your first choice is to decide what alcohol you are going to make. Each has its own benefits and requirements.

Fig. 1: Barley Bush

  • Moonshine (Corn, Water, Yeast) - Least profit of the three however does not require a house and is recommended for those just starting out. This can also be made in a mobile lab.
    Fig. 2: Elephant Grass
  • Corn/Rye Whiskey (Corn or Rye, Water, Yeast, Barley) - Medium profit and requires the most ingredients however ages much faster than scotch. (Requires house with aging barrel)
  • Scotch (Water, Yeast, Barley) - Maximum profit and an Asylum favorite and is highly recommended for intermediate and experienced players. (Requires house with aging barrel)

Where to get Ingredients

  • Water ($7 ea.) & Yeast ($15 ea.) can be purchased from a market.
  • Barley, is found all across the island, simply scroll wheel on the bush (See fig. 1). Additionally, you may choose to pick berries from these bushes; you will receive 1-3 berries which when consumed replenish a small amount of hunger and thirst. However, it does consume the barley bush. Note: Barley is illegal to posses.
  • Corn & Rye, Both are found in what is known as elephant grass (aka. Reeds). Elephant grass is found all over the island but extremely plentiful near the distillery; again simply scroll wheel on the grass and harvest either rye or corn (See fig. 2)
  • A sickle is now purchasable at the hunting ground (20% chance at an extra barley/rye/corn)


Now that you have your materials it's time to load up and head to the distillery. This is when you are most exposed, so its good to be prepared. No matter which alcohol you have chosen to make, you will need to have equal parts of ingredients to make the desired product. ((One Water + Yeast + Barley = 1 New make Scotch)) Go up to the distillery, which is already marked on your map, where you will find a small shack with a distillery, scroll wheel on the distillery to create your alcohol. Once the progress bar has been completed, the created alcohol will be placed into your inventory.

Fig3: Distillery
Fig4: Purchasing aging barrels

Mobile Moonshine Lab

Moonshine can only be distilled in a Mobile Distillery (Textured Fuel Truck) almost anywhere on the map.


Below are the steps to make Moonshine: Note: You cannot cook Moonshine within 500 meters of a house you own, any efforts to bypass this restriction is a bannable offense.

  1. Purchase an Mobile Distillery from the RV Shop in Sofia or the RV shop within any Chop Shop.
  2. Collect equal amounts of Corn, Water, and Yeast.
  3. Find a suitable hidden area to park your Mobile Distillery.
  4. Using the scroll wheel, set up your Mobile Distillery to distil.
  5. Have equal amounts of materials on hand and begin mixing them into Corn Hash, this should take around 4 minutes.
  6. Take your Corn Hash and again process it using your Mobile Distillery, this should take around 4 minutes.
  7. Optionally, continue distilling your Moonshine into White Lightning at the Spirit Distillery. This is a more valuable version of the drink that sells for almost 1.4x as much.
  8. Sell your Moonshine or White Lightning to the nearest Wongs Food and Liquor and store your cash in an ATM.

Ageing (Scotch)

Ageing requires purchasing the Ageing Barrel, which is an addition to your home's virtual inventory. There are four stages for scotch (New make, Scotch, 15yr, 25yr,) The formula for ageing is as follows - To age your product:

Place the un-aged alcohol in your home's virtual inventory. Your product will begin to "age" over several server restarts in set increments. For Scotch, it ages 50 per stage per restart. Keep in mind every time the server restarts you MUST log in. The furthest scotch will age in your home's inventory is to 15 year. To get it to 25 year YOU MUST TAKE IT BACK to the PURIFICATION FACTORY and manually distill it further.

Ageing Example

Assuming what you had 100 scotch in your barrel, this is what it would look like over many restarts, courtesy of Bikstok:

  • Start: [100] New Make Scotch
  • 1st Restart: [50] Scotch; [50] New Make Scotch
  • 2nd Restart: [50] 15 year Scotch; [50] scotch
  • 3rd Restart: [100] 15 year Scotch;
  • It will look the same for Whiskey

Second Distilling

The final production for Scotch is to return to the Purification Factory and age the 15 year scotch into 25 year scotch manually.

This allows for faster processing of scotch without having to wait a full restart, and allows more than 50 to be aged at a time. The increase in value per hour is countered by an increase in risk transporting the scotch again.


Selling is the final step, carefully make your way to a Wong's Food and Liquor and sell your product, then make your way to an ATM and deposit your new found wealth!

Base Payout

25 Year Scotch = $1200 ea.

15 Year Scotch = $700 ea.

Reserve Corn Whiskey = $455 ea.

Moonshine = $230 ea.

Increasing Payout

  • Owning "Wong Triad" will remove the cartel cut when processing as there is a cut to the Wong Triad Cartel when processing alcohol.
  • Having both gang perks Fence and Bootlegger will increase your payout by 10% ((5% ea.))

Tips & Tricks

  • Small and quick scotch runs will limit your vulnerability.
  • Houses close to the distillery ((Abdera)) often go for well over a million dollars when sold and are highly preferred by most scotch runners due to the increased safety of a scotch run.
  • Scotch sells for the most money if you're ageing in bulk.
  • You must be online during a restart for it to count for ageing, however, it will age if you're in the lobby over restart.
  • Moonshine doesn't need to be aged.
  • You must have the house upgrade "Ageing Barrel" to age scotch.
  • All the ingredients have a weight of 1, and every stage of alcohol weighs 3.
  • Barley, Corn, and Rye are LITERALLY everywhere.

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